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May 15th, 2012
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“Don’t Wake Me Up” is the next pop single on Fortune. Chris revealed on twitter that he is shooting a music for DWMU together with Collin Tilley (Next To You, Deuces, Look At Me Now) and Andrew Listermann. The up beat track is produced by Benny Benassi (Beautiful People) and Freeschool, and just a few days ago the mastered version leaked.

Listening to the song, I actually imagined the music video being dark and indoors, so we’ll see how this turns out!


“Don’t Wake Me Up” is officially a single!
A few days ago a new version leaked, the mastered one (official). It is a big big difference between the original and mastered version.

The original is more deep and beautiful, more emotional . The mastered  has been changed to more techno-dubstep-remix. It’s quite good, but I feel like the whole feeling of the song is gone. Not a good idea to begin the song with the acoustic guitar, instead of letting it come as a surprise towards the end like in the original.

Which one do YOU like most?

  • Mastered Version - Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up – LISTEN
  • Original Version – Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up – LISTEN


Chris decided to release some free music today! Check out “See Through” and “Oh Yeah” (both tracks produced by Drumma Boy).

“See Through” has got a special sound, almost too good to listen to. I hope it shows up on “Fortune”! You might also be confused with “Oh Yeah” since Chris already got a song called the same. But this one is prod. by Drumma Boy and is not feat Plies, don’t forget!

Chris Brown – See Through – Prod. By Drumma Boy – DOWNLOAD
Chris Brown – Oh Yeah – Prod. By Drumma Boy – DOWNLOAD

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March 29th, 2012
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Chris recently revealed the next single off “Fortune” and it’s called “Sweet Love”.

So the latest singles will be “Sweet Love” and “Till I Die” (Feat Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean).


March 9th, 2012
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Yeah, is how I feel, right?
It’s only me right? ha
It’s like, ha
I was 15 of virginia n*gga with ambition
Young but I invisioned f*ckin them bad b*tches
Live my life with no regret
I try to show respect but you don’t give it I guess you don’t understand when
It might take me a life time to take it back
And it might take you a life time to know the facts yeah
Just ’cause different don’t mean we distant
And if you kill a man ain’t no way to bring it back
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March 1st, 2012
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The cover! “Fortune” in a cool wingdings style, and in the background fortune written in different languages. Maybe tis isn’t the cover, who knows. What do you guys think?


Chris Brown took his time to tweet Rihanna “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!”, which she RT’d and replied with a “Thanks!”. Personally, I think that was very nice of Chris to do. Let’s just face the fact that they actually won’t shy away from each other for eternity. If they don’t have a problem with each other, nobody else should have either. Forgiveness is divine.

BTW - There are rumors that Chris Brown will be featured on Rihanna’s full version of “Cake”, from her recent album “Talk That Talk”. Then again, rumors go around the remix of “Turn Up The Music” – will Rihanna be featured on it?

Twitter - Put #TeamBreezyWishRihannaAHappyBday in every tweet! Because Team fuckin Breezy rocks, thats why.


Since Chris won’t get interviewed much, I thought I could post some of his tweets! We got this Grammy together, because Team Breezy will always be here. We will always support Chris’s music! Haters, you’re waisting your energy and your time.


February 10th, 2012

Social Buzz Stats Mashable Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. is the most-talked-about for the category “Best R&B Album.” He made up 30% of the conversation online.

For more Grammy social buzz stats, visit Mashable.

February 2nd, 2012
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Earlier today Chris announced that he will be doing a music video for his new single “Turn Up The Music”. He also added that this music video will be one of his best. “Turn Up The music”, released Jan 26th, is the 2nd single from the upcoming album “Fortune” (which is scheduled to release March 16th).
Team Breezy, what do You think of “Turn Up The Music”?


Chris just recently revealed the next Fortune single – “Turn Up The Music”. The track is the 2nd single form the upcoming album. So far we’ve only heard the first single “Strip” (Feat Kevin McCall).

Last year Chris also added that “Treading Water” and “Fools With You” were going to be on Fortune. Nobody knows for sure, but they are possible tracks for the album. “Don’t Wake Me Up” produced by David Guetta seems to be Fortune material as well, so don’t be surprised if you see it in the tracklist!

Listen/Download “Turn Up The Music”