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November 25th, 2011
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Fame Tour Dubai Flyer

Grammy Award winning R&B singer, song-writer, dancer and actor, Chris Brown, will perform for his Middle Eastern fans on December 9 as he heads to Dubai for his first live performance.

The show is as part of his worldwide F.A.M.E. tour and will be held at the Dubai Festival City.

Organisers 321-Events have promised a spectacular show as the global music icon will perform to some of his best tracks from the album “F.A.M.E” and many other hit singles from his previous albums.

Zoha Beig, CEO, 321 Events, said: “Chris Brown is one of the most mesmerising stage performers. We are working closely with his production team to make the Dubai leg of his F.A.M.E tour an unforgettable experience. We are overwhelmed by the response from his fans from across the Middle East and expect a full audience.”

Chris Brown’s dance routines have been compared to world renowned R&B artists such as Michael Jackson and Usher.

He has collaborated with some of the hottest artists today including Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Pitbull. His most recent release F.A.M.E debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 making it his first #1 album and spawned three consecutive #1 singles “Look At Me Now,” “Deuces,” and “No BS.”

These singles along with “Yeah 3X,” “She Ain’t You,” “Beautiful People,” and “Wet the Bed” have sold over 8 million copies in the US alone and the album has been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Tickets are priced at – silver Dh295 ($80.33), Gold Dh395 ($107.56), platinum Dh595 ($162.02), and Fame lounge Dh995 ($270.93) – can be purchased online or at all Virgin Megastores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and selected Eppco/Enoc/Zoom/Spinneys outlets.

Doors open at 6:30pm and there is no age limit for the concert. – Trade Arabia

I must say this is pretty huge. I hope all of Chris’ middle Eastern fans are super excited. It’s definitely going to be an amazing show in amazing city! Chris better find the futuristic architecture in Dubai inspiring for a photoshoot, song, or something! LOL. Check out the venue layout and more purchase info after the click.
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July 20th, 2011
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Chris Brown wearing Gold Teeth
So, he’s taking this rapping thing very seriously – despite being a “POP Singer” and all. He went on a Twitter-spree late last night into this morning. I have a breakdown of what he had to get off his chest, or something like that, so let’s begin!

He decides to tweet that he, himself – no one else, is going to release a hip hop mixtape:
[blackbirdpie id="93637087882002435"]
Then, defends it’s honor before we’ve even had a chance to form an opinion on any of the actual music:
[blackbirdpie id="93638590839525376"]

From there he proceeds to post pictures of himself, some other n!gga**, and his arm:
[blackbirdpie id="93626180762222592"]
[blackbirdpie id="93627707807637504"]
[blackbirdpie id="93621626297532416"]
[blackbirdpie id="93664371233918976"]

Refers to the fact that he is thug O_o and plays it safe:
[blackbirdpie id="93622944999288832"]

And that he also has conversations with himself, a la Madea:
[blackbirdpie id="93633078790062080"]

My only question when I began scanning his timeline was: “What was he on, and where can I get some of that?” Just kidding!

He totally sobered up by the end of it all because he ended it all on a much more serious note by RT’ing this:
[blackbirdpie id="93666022523019264"]

Moment of silence. No one should ever take their own life over the way someone else makes them feel. Kids, you’ve got to learn to respect yourself more than you respect anyone else. Know that you are perfect, because God made you the way you are for a reason. Own everything you do, and don’t apologize for being yourself just as long as you do not cause anyone else harm.

Good day.

- Dominique

* This post is in no way in chrononoligcal order as you can probably tell. It’s merely for entertainment. If you didn’t laugh at least once, well… that’s your fault. :)

** If you know who this is, we will gladly update this post with his name and information. ^_^
UPDATED: We now know who the other n!gga is, thanks to Hawa!
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June 3rd, 2011
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R&B star Chris Brown has waded back into familiar territory with yet another public squabble on Twitter and this time the singer found himself locking horns with the foul-mouthed and strongly opinionated Tyler The Creator of the equally beloved and maligned rap crew Odd Future Wolf Gang.

Last night (June 2), Chris Brown fired off a critical tweet while also acknowledging – at least in part – his own follies to no one in particular. The tweet read, “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music! #f—kouttahere” and after several retweets from users who both supported and also took light jabs at the singer, Tyler responded with a pointed tweet of his own.

“Why Is Chris Brown Talking So Much Sh– About Metallica? Weird,” posted the Goblin rapper and then continued a series of tweets poking fun at Chris Brown’s hit single “Look At Me Now” – at times claiming the song to be one of his favorites although his comments seemed rife with sarcasm.

Chris Brown attempted to take the high road but soon ended up mentioning in his Twitter timeline that his tweet was not aimed at the Odd Future collective. “Never mentioned [Tyler] or any of them N—-s! General statement and your hype man hodgy caught feelings! #n—-sthatfeelguilty,” stated Chris Brown.

Tyler, a known prolific user of Twitter, continued his assault on Chris Brown and even began to direct his comments to the crooner directly. The OFWGKTA rapper and producer did attempt to extend an olive branch towards Brown, although it isn’t known if Tyler was pulling a prank. “Anyway, If You Ever Need BEATS, Let Me Know, They HIT HARD. Peace Fam. And Congrats On That Double Plat,” tweeted Tyler to Chris Brown.


…but for the sake of this article, I will anyway!
Let’s continue..

Things are finally looking up for Chris Brown as we all head back to school; and if I’m not mistaken, it appears Chris has been doing some studying and learning lately, too! After his unforgettable Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Awards, which he described as “the ultimate apology,” it seems as if his career has resurrected from a serious coma – and I say that as the most humble and honest fan of his.

Following the aftermath of the events that took place in 2009, despite Chris giving his all in his efforts with his music, he was not being well received by radio, and the general public.  When the chips were down, and the future didn’t shine as bright as it used to, all Chris had was the support of his family, friends, and his TRUE fans, known affectionally worldwide as #teamBreezy. (*cough* WeAreTeamBreezy ( is officially launching very soon!) Though still in our infancy, we stan harder that most – case in point the 2010 BET Fandemoinum Award WE won for Chris! I truly think there is no better way to say “we still believe” than to award him for continuing his journey, in spite of the nay-sayers and those who did not approve!

Chris tweeted “I’m back” a couple of days ago, referring to his appearance on BET’s 106 and Park. That day, in my eyes, was the day the comeback truly ensued. Breezy is back in the spotlight, and riding high with yet another SMASH that is continuing to climb the charts, “Deuces” featuring Tyga and … Moving along. This week the song is #2 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, as well ast #29 on the HOT 100. Not to mention it’s sitting pretty at #4 on the ringtones charts, and in need of some love on the Digital Songs charts at #40. (Buy “Deuces” on iTunes | Amazon | Rhapsody)

Chris isn’t stopping there, though. Chris said he will be releasing the Matrix video soon after Takers hits theaters on Friday, and reports have come in saying that him and Twista will be shooting a music video for “Make A Movie”! And, I must not fail to mention that just yesterday Chris tweeted there will be a video for “Ain’t Thinking ‘Bout You”.

Chris is not only releasing music and showing up on your TV screens, he is returning to the radio for interviews as well. Tomorrow, Chris will be on your radio waves during the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on 97.9 The Beat. (Source)

Now, the moment I’ve been waiting this whole post for!


The movie hits theaters TO-MOTHERF*CKIN-MORROW!

Where are you gonna be? At your local movie theatre! And what are you going to be watching?  Got-damn TAKERS with Christopher Maurice, Idris Elba, Clifford Harris, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker, and Hayden Batman Christensen. Oh, and Jay Hernandez! #noshade Anyway, I can’t stress to you how much we all need to go see this movie THIS WEEKEND to support not only the budget*Chris and to show him that we still believe!

So, with all of that said – congratulations Chris. You’re clearly schooling the rest of these R&B/Pop male artists how to do it. Depsite your troubles, you still reign supreme. You’re stronger, wiser, and better than ever. So, continue to chuck up the Deuces to the haters while running towards what you were destined to become.

*(LOL – I’m just kidding, I don’t even know the budget)

- Dominique  (@Qnowledge) [I'm back, bitches.]

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pps — don’t be afraid to click on the tweet and like buttons, and leave comments/reactions. We do love hearing from you. ^_^ Now that I’m back, the site won’t be as… dry as it was. Let’s have some fun like we used to, Team Breezy! Love y’all!

August 6th, 2010
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Chris Brown has signed a new deal with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the leading entertainment and sports agency, for representation in all areas, it was revealed today.

Brown, a five-time Grammy nominee and three-time American Music Award winner, has sold more than six million albums worldwide. His self-titled debut album was certified double-platinum and featured the smash hit “Run It!” and included two top ten hits, “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” and “Gimme That.” His follow up album, the platinum Exclusive, ranked as one of the biggest-selling albums of 2008, with more than three million copies sold worldwide. Brown’s most recent release, Graffiti, debuted in 2009 and marked his third consecutive top ten debut.

A versatile performer, Brown has appeared in such films as STOMP THE YARD and THIS CHRISTMAS, and will star in the upcoming feature TAKERS, on which he also serves as an executive producer.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is a full-service entertainment and sports agency that represents many of the most successful professionals working in film, television, music, sports, video games, theatre, and the Internet, and provides a range of strategic marketing and consulting services to corporate clients.

The agency also manages stars such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and even Simon Cowell. This is definitely a step in the right direction!

The comeback draws ever closer….

SOURCE: Exodous News via ONTD

July 20th, 2009
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Sharrod | myspace | twitter | facebook |

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I think it’s a bit overdue, but very well done and said. I, personally, as a fan, accept his apology.

June 26th, 2009
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Again, we would like to send our prayers out to the family of Michael Jackson. I’m still in disbelief. MJ is the biggest star ever and has impacted so many of our lives, including Chris. I’m sure we all have our MJ memories growing up…I know I do.

At this time we all know of the BET Awards that will be happening this Sunday. We can all expect it to be a somber show – and full of tributes to the King of Pop. But one question on the minds of many is “will Chris be there to do a tribute?” I don’t know about you, but lets be honest – Chris is probably the one who would do it best. We all know how Chris has always mentioned how MJ was an inspiration to him and how he always payed homage to him in his concerts. Also we remember the award shows where Chris was the highlight – all because of imitating Michael. And despite all that’s going on in Chris’ life right now – I think people should put whatever feelings they have towards Chris aside and just accept the fact that it’s about celebrating Michael Jackson’s life…and having Chris be a part of that would only be right.

Twitter fans, there has already been a popular twitition going around trying to get Chris to perform a tribute. If you haven’t already signed, you can view it here.

But I have a feeling our wishes may come true somehow. Someone close to Chris has hinted that “something amazing is going to happen.” So fingers crossed, lets hope the BET Awards make this happen, I think fans of Michael would appreciate it.


May 30th, 2009
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Let me start off by saying that I am getting so damn excited for “Graffiti“. Chris is really heading in the direction I’ve always wanted him to! It’s going to be great to hear brand new music, and based on what Robert Allen has to say, this is going to be Chris’ best album to date!

Though the case against Chris Brown for the alleged assault on Rihanna earlier this year continues to play out in Los Angeles courtrooms, a friend of Brown’s says the singer is doing his best to move forward and concentrate on work.

“Chris is focused,” says songwriter Robert Allen, who is working with Brown on his upcoming album, tentatively titled Graffiti. “He knows how to deal with whatever is going on and is willing to do what he has to do to please his fans.”

To do that, Brown plans to bring a different vibe to his music. “It’s not particularly just R&B,” says Allen, who has worked on songs with Brown in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. “Chris is trying different things and experimenting. We’ve been making things really eclectic. The direction of this album is really fun and free spirited. It’s like a collage.”

Brown, who had been keeping a low profile for about three months, recently broke his silence in a video, in which he declared, “I ain’t a monster.”

“You want to go away so your audience can miss you some,” Allen says of why Brown has laid low. “But he’s so happy and ready for this next album to break through and make a big impact. He wants this to be his masterpiece. He’s predicting this will be his biggest album.”


January 1st, 2009
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Chris Brown

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If you have been living under a rock for the past year, you might not know be aware that Chris Brown has officially made the transformation from ‘the young boy’ to a grown man that has an extremely bright future, and is unstoppable. The 19-year-old megastar may not be completely legal, or able to drink (not that he even wants to), but that is not slowing him down any. Hot off a VMA win last year, his latest single features the beautiful and amazingly talented Keri Hilson, is signed on for several motion pictures, designing clothes, and is/is not (depends on who you ask) dating one of the hottest woman on the planet, next to Britney Spears that is.

He is not only murdering the charts with his own songs, but has lent a helping hand to the likes of Rihanna, David Banner, Ludacris, Nas, and will be doing so with the new “Freeze which features him and T-Pain. Did I mention that Brown has been fortunate enough to submit tracks to the biggest celebrity in the world – Britney Spears. There is even word of collaboration with Disney sensations The Jonas Brothers. Still, it does not stop there — he has collaborated with Tim McGraw, Pharrell and The Teriyaki Boyz. Yes, Chris Brown is the person to collaborate with if you want a hit. T-Pain, Akon, and Wayne — watch out!

It is as if Brown refuses to be anything but a mainstay in the entertainment industry and has taken a keen interest in acting. He has appeared in two films, Stomp the Yard and This Christmas, within the past two years. His acting is not limited to the big screen either. Chris has taken to television as well, and has appeared on FOX’s now defunct television show ‘The OC‘ in early 2007. Now, within the next two years, Chris will begin to solidify his spot as more than just a singer. Over the past few months, Brown has been shooting a new action/crime film, Bone Deep, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2010. In the picture Brown will put his acting skills to the test by starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy, Clifford Harris (T.I.), Matt Dillon, Zoe Saldana, Paul Walker, and someone Brown has worked with previously in the film This Christmas, Idris Elba. Brown is also signed on for two more films which should be hitting theaters between 2009 and 2010. The first is Phenom, a sports drama that depicts Chris Brown as hotshot young NBA player that discovers he is an illegitimate son of an aging NBA star, according to IMDB. The other, Caramel, has Brown playing a lovesick teen by the name of Cali Carmichael, along side rapper Chingy and failed R&B singing group Cherish.

It keeps getting better, because entertainment is not the only thing on CB’s mind. As any Chris Brown fan knows, he is one of the most fashionable young artists — ever, and just last year he launched his own underwear line by the name of “Big Headed” — yes, Big Headed is the name of his underwear line! Now if you are a true CB fanatic you know that there is still more! Brown also designed a line of fitted caps for the New Era brand’s 59Fifty fitted cap collection, which are currently available at your local New Era retailer.

Now, as far as Chris’ personal life – it appears he could not be more pleased. He is/is not dating young Hollywood’s “it girl”, Rihanna. The two have been spotted on vacation together in her native Barbados together as well as all over the world, and even toured together in Australia last year. Both Chris and Rihanna have denied their relationship claiming that they are simply friends, but fans of both seem to believe otherwise, and there is endless evidence (1, 2, 3) that supports claims that the two are indeed a couple. It appears that they are taking the approach that Jay-Z and Beyonce, which ultimately ended up in marriage.

Now, in 2009, Brown plans to lay low and continue to collaborate with other artists. We, at Chris Brown Web, are so excited to see what the New Year brings. We hope to bring you ever closer to Chris in ways that no other fan site has.


Stay clicked.

December 29th, 2008
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Chris isn’t in the video but there is definitely a lot of rear-end action. It’s probably not a video that you want to watch at school or work, because your superior will definitely walk by and be like “WTF?”.

The song is jammin’ minus the Teriyaki Boyz switching between English and Japanese, but I’ll definitely purchase the song and support the cause.

God, do I admire Pharrell! Pharrell, if you’re reading this — e-mail me. LMAO! (No, seriously).

December 23rd, 2008
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Chris Brown and his Mom

Click the image above to access the entire set of photos at

All I am going to say is YES!! If you visit the site regularly, you would know how I feel when I see stuff like this. I am so glad it’s not slowing down. Keep it up, Chris!

Momma Joyce, your hair is too on point! Shuttin’ it down! Love it. LOL! Oh, and yeah — Robyn was there too, but don’t worry there are no pictures of her this time around (I decided to spare you all).