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August 22nd, 2012
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2012 Video Music Awards

An interesting article from Christian Post is reporting that MTV execs are “anxious for Chris Brown, Drake, and Rihanna to attend the upcoming Video Music Awards” on September 6th, with hopes that the close proximity will create an opportunity for a confrontation.

A source tells US Weekly, “They [MTV] are hoping a fight breaks out. Ratings galore! Notice Drake and Chris are both up for Best Male Video.”

This comes after news broke yesterday that both Chris Brown and Drake are being sued by a male model for the altercation that took place in a New York nightclub earlier this summer.

I personally wouldn’t put it past MTV, we all know they’re big fans of controversy, even if it’s at the expense of someone else. I surely hope that all the parties and their entourages can keep it cute and not start any drama. I’m sure the world will be tuning in, on the edge of their seats and we all know MTV will have a cameras stuck on Chris, Rihanna, and Drake.

August 20th, 2012
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HollyWoodLife is reporting what we all assumed — be it truth or not, we are only entertaining the topic because it’s quite popular among #TeamBreezy and social media. Here’s what they had to say:

Rihanna’s emotional August 19th Oprah interview made Chris Brown realize that they’re meant to be together! The 23-year-old singer texted Rihanna after he watched her cry on national television and apologized and confessed his love to her. Continue reading “Chris Brown: After Rihanna Interview “We’ll Get Back Together” (RUMOR)” »

June 14th, 2012
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According to several reports, which are still pretty shaky at this point, Breezy sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s entourage, which included rapper Meek Mill, as a nice gesture (he reportedly did the same thing for his ex-girlfriend Rihanna at a club outing just days earlier). Drake and his entourage sent the bottle back to Breezy with a note, reportedly referencing Drake’s sexual relationship with Rihanna (‘I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it’).

Breezy went to confront Drake, Drake threw a punch at Breezy, and someone from Drake’s entourage threw a bottle at Breezy. But before the singer could retaliate, onlookers claim another man hit him in the face with a bottle.
Fists began flying between the two entourages. Security broke the fight up, and Drake reportedly fled the scene while things calmed down.

After the club brawl, Breezy posted a picture to Instagram of a bloody gash he sustained to the chin. “Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol,” “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya! he wrote.

Drake has yet to comment on the fight, but Meek Mill, who also has a strained relationship with Breezy over his dealings with Rihanna, offered his two cent on the bottle-throwing fiasco: “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol.”

The New York Police department confirmed to the website that the two singers’ crews got into a fight at WIP nightclub – 5 people were injured in the melee. Sources say that one of the people seriously injured was Chris’s body guard “Big Pat” who was put in the hospital.

Daily Mail


February 22nd, 2012

Chris Brown - Fortune Fan Artwork

01. Biggest Fan
02. Turn Up The Music
03. Don’t Judge Me (Featuing Meek Mill)
04. 4 Years Old
05. One Of These Nights
06. Touch Me
07. Trumpet Lights
08. Get It (Featuring 2 Chainz)
09. Mirage
10. Stuck On Stupid
11. Party Hard
12. Marlon Brandon
13. Don’t Wake Me Up
14. Cadillac (Interlude)
15. I Love You (Hidden Track)

Deluxe Edition:
16. Get Down
17. Wait For You
18. Remember My Name
19. Gliden (Featuring Wiz Khalifa)

*We will update this post and either confirm or deny this track listing once we’ve verified this information.

Chris Brown took his time to tweet Rihanna “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!”, which she RT’d and replied with a “Thanks!”. Personally, I think that was very nice of Chris to do. Let’s just face the fact that they actually won’t shy away from each other for eternity. If they don’t have a problem with each other, nobody else should have either. Forgiveness is divine.

BTW - There are rumors that Chris Brown will be featured on Rihanna’s full version of “Cake”, from her recent album “Talk That Talk”. Then again, rumors go around the remix of “Turn Up The Music” – will Rihanna be featured on it?

Twitter - Put #TeamBreezyWishRihannaAHappyBday in every tweet! Because Team fuckin Breezy rocks, thats why.


August 10th, 2011

Chris Brown FAME TOUR Presale Tickets

A quick search of Chris Brown on TicketsMore will yeild quite a few ticket results with the ability to purchase them. We are in no way endorsing these tickets, because I find it odd that the tickets are not available via Ticketmaster or LiveNation. Hold off on purchasing from here until we get official word from Chris’ camp.

The official presale, taking place at LiveNation, will begin on Friday August 12 at 10:00 AM EDT. Stay clicked as more information is made available.

- Dominique

July 25th, 2011
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Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland
Chris Brown‘s latest tour is starting to heat up. Dates and venues have yet to be released, but that isn’t stopping everyone from speculating. Today’s tour rumor involves none other than Kelly Rowland.

According to a report on SingersRoom, Ms. Kelly is in negotiation with Chris Brown to tour with him as a supporting act. I must say I don’t think it’s a half bad idea. If Kelly can pull at 2011 BET Awards performance off every night, I might just have to make it to every show. It shouldn’t bee too expensive to attend either, according to Chris’ tweets:
[blackbirdpie id="94883280658239489"]
[blackbirdpie id="94884930328330241"]

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Kelly and Chris on tour?
- Dominique

July 13th, 2011

Chris Brown Press

Rumors are swirling all over the internet today. Some good, some not so good.

So far our guy has been silent on all the drama — and we hope it remains that way.


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- Dominique

November 2nd, 2010

Chris Brown is planning to show off his creative talents by launching a graffiti art movement. The R&B star is a keen artist and the images from his album Graffiti showed him holding a guitar in one hand and a can of spray paint in the other. Chris has recently been using his Twitter account to show off his pop artwork to his fans and the pieces have been well-received. The New York Daily News are now reporting that sources close to the 21-year-old singer say Chris is considering developing his talent by starting a movement called ‘Breezy Art’. He fuelled rumors by meeting with contemporary pop artist Ron English and his wife, Tarssa Yazdani, at a restaurant in New York last week. It has been reported the group spent the evening talking about art, with Chris telling Ron his work had inspired him. The pair are even believed to have discussed working together.” Chris has been a huge fan of Ron’s for a while and has a tattoo of Ron’s art on his arm,” a source told the publication. “Ron and Tarssa couldn’t believe it.”

SOURCE: Bloginity


October 30th, 2010
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Although the title of this post says that it’s a rumor… we’re pretty sure it’s a given. Earlier today, Justin Bieber took to his Twitter account and tweeted the following to his followers.

kinda hyped rt now. for a new single teamed up with one of my friends and an artist I used to sing covers of on youtube. BIG RECORD. SMASH!!

For many of you that don’t know, Justin Bieber gained recognition on YouTube after covering some of Chris Brown’s songs most notably With You (which he just so happened to post a link to before he tweeted the above tweet) so his tweet kind of make sense in relation to this post.

So to sum it up, if his tweets are anything to go by then we’ve got a Brown/Bieber collab. on the way.

– Steven.

October 7th, 2010

A new music campaign is set to be launched in Africa with the formation of the ONE8 supergroup and according to reports, Chris Brown along with other big name stars such as P!nk have been hinted at to lend their vocals to one of the bands singles, in order to help raise the profile of the campaign. According to reports, the campaign is being launched by Rockstar 4000 and Sony Music Entertainment and if this is the case, then this would make sense as both Chris Brown and P!nk are part of the Sony Music label. But it’s just a rumor for now, there hasn’t been any confirmation as of yet.

Source: Peace FM & My ONE8 Website.