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September 26th, 2011
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I got a chance to check out Chris Brown in concert last night in my city Indianapolis. Overall, I had a great time and enjoyed all acts – especially Chris and his energetic performance. Despite the horrible weather, it was pouring down raining for the majority of the show, which also caused Chris to have a little slip-up on stage (see my video), the crowd had all eyes on Chris and sang along to every song. The stage set-up was impressive, his biggest set yet: a tri-level boombox complete with ramps and stairs. The special effects were definitely awe-inspiring: lazer lights, light shows for the upbeat songs, a disco ball, a little fire and a finale performance of “Beautiful People” with the light suits that we loved from his Dancing with the Stars performance earlier this year.

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September 15th, 2011
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I took a look around the interwebs this morning to see what fans and critics have had to say about the F.A.M.E. Tour thus far, and while the fans are loving it… critics and media outlets can’t seem to stop hating on Chris … almost three years later. I won’t go into detail more than a screen grab of some of the stories floating around. I’m sure you’ll be able to find them if you search for them. If you’re more into what his fans have to say about the show, check this post out.

FAME Tour Bad Press
Eleven Arrested at Chris Brown Concert

April 28th, 2011
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Team Breezy was definitely out in full force on Tuesday night as Chris Brown hit Sydney’s shores with his highly anticipated ‘F.A.M.E Tour’.
After a string of awesome support acts including DJ Havana Brown, Justice Crew and Jessica Mauboy (who FYI was sporting some fabulously sparkly heels – where can I get me a pair of them!??) Chris took to the stage with an explosive opening.

With his military get up and slick dance moves, Brown wowed the audience with a medley of ‘Say It With Me’, ‘I Can Transform Ya’ and ‘Wall to Wall’. The bright lights, flashy moves and kicking band provided the perfect backdrop for Brown, who bounced around the stage with endless enthusiasm.

After the first costume change (which was accompanied by the piercing squeals of teenage fans) one lucky lady from the audience was brought on stage and serenaded with ‘Wet The Bed’, leaving many in the audience – myself included – a little hot under the collar.

The tempo was brought right down to showcase his voice during heartfelt ballads ‘With You’ and‘No Air’. There’s no doubt that when Chris tones down the punishing choreography his vocal ability is impressive, but the energy of the set seemed to waiver a little through these slower tracks, and the strength of the show really lay in up-tempo chart busters such as ‘Run it’, ‘Yeah (x3)’ and ‘Forever’ - the major crowd pleasers of the night.

Overall though Brown had the crowd amped up and moving, jumping on cue, waving their arms and singing his tracks word for word. His last song of the night ‘Beautiful People’ had fans up out of their seats and begging for more, and served as the perfect closer to an entertaining and action-packed night.


Adelaide News report – The 21-year-old kicked off his worldwide F.A.M.E. tour in Australia at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It was the American’s third tour to Australia. Last night his fans – mostly young girls – seemed to forgive his past mistakes. It was clear the crowd came to simply judge him as Chris Brown the singer and they were pleased.

You could clearly hear the stampede by teenage girls as Brown appeared on stage. Dressed in a soldier’s uniform, he told the crowd: “I came here tonight to party”. Brown showed off his dance moves during Yeah3x and dance track Forever.
He played all his big hits, With You, Run It, No Air plus new songs from his latest F.A.M.E. album, including Beautiful People for the finale.

Brown was supported by an all-Aussie line-up of Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew who commented “For what we do, Chris Brown was someone we looked up to as a performer. It’s really cool to be on this tour and on the same tour as someone we used to watch.”, and DJ Havana Brown.
Chris Brown oozed confidence on stage and is a polished performer who knows how to give his fans an electrifying performance. And judging by all the high-pitched screaming, the crowd seemed to like what they were served.

Fans are still tweeting and facebooking, though late in the night hours, about the very first F.A.M.E. concert in Adelaide, Australia. Here are the very very FIRST reviews about the first concert!!

“Absolutely incredible concert. best night of my life. everyone who’s going to see him in the next few days, get your keen pants on. you will have such a good time.”

“Tonight was amazing. THANKYOU CHRIS BROWN, THANKYOU♥”

“you were amazing tonight. you don’t know how badly i wanted to come up and stage and dance with you!!”

“Best Concert Evaa”

“Fucking awesome concert pretty much wanna rape ya up lol kidding. xoxo”

(Chris Brown FAME Tour Australia Official Facebook)


Get ready world, Chris Brown is once again getting ready to tour the Globe, starting with Australia. Jive has today announced the Australian leg of The Chris Brown World F.A.M.E. Tour. The dates, location and venues are as follows.

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December 7th, 2010
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Staff at MTV HQ have put together their list of the Top 25 songs of 2010 and Chris Brown’s ‘Deuces’ has made the list. ‘Deuces’ came in at No. 18 with a total of 64 points. Here’s what the staff at MTV had to say about the hit single.

18. Chris Brown, “Deuces”
Total Points: 64

Unapologetic, brash and, sure, even cocky, “Deuces” is Chris Brown’s “FU” to the world, and truth be told, he’s at his absolute best when he’s angry. In theory, the song is little more than a supremely swaggering kiss-off to a nagging ex, but when he sings, “I’m movin’ on to something better,” you can’t help but think that’s also addressing everyone who’s vilified him over the past 18 months — and that’s probably the point. He knows you’re mad, but so what?

Not a bad achievement or rank but we’ll stick to the fact that it was nominated for a Grammy Award after all, they’re the experts ;).

Source: MTV.

December 7th, 2009

If Chris Brown’s offstage mistakes have cost him fans, their loss wasn’t felt last night.

Loyal admirers crammed into the House of Blues and screamed hysterically for just about anything the 20-year-old superstar did: hip thrusts, crotch grabs, backflips, flashes of his gleaming smile, and gloves and tank tops tossed into the audience all elicited wild shrieks.

OK, there was a lot to scream about.

For just over an hour, Brown proved that he is one of the generation’s top live performers and a true stage phenom, combining flexibility, gymnastics and dance into a high-energy, occasionally gravity-defying, mix.

When he lip-synced on opening number “I Can Transform Ya” off his new album “Graffiti” – which drops on Tuesday – it was forgivable, considering the explosive dance routine he and his four backup dancers delivered.

When Brown let backing vocals do much of the work on other dance-oriented hits, such as “Wall to Wall,” “Run It” and pulsating show-closer “Forever,” that was understandable as well. It’s simply not possible to put in the kind of dance work Brown does while continuously singing.

But this wasn’t a night of hot choreography alone. A down-tempo segment gave Brown time to prove his vocal mettle, with hits such as “I Wanna Be,” new track “Sing Like Me” and the Jordin Sparks duet “No Air,” many featuring a cappella snippets that left no doubt about his ability.

For the heartfelt “Say Goodbye,” Brown got earnest and pulled up a stool – one of the few times he truly took a rest all night.

Brown seems equally comfortable in either zone – dialing it down on ballads or pushing the energy through the roof during high-intensity songs and dance interludes. Fans, predominantly in their late teens and early 20s, seem to favor both, crying out whether Brown is engaged in heartfelt crooning or dancing like a man supremely talented and possibly crazed.

Brown made no mention of his personal strife and said only that the tour, dubbed the “Fan Appreciation Tour,” is “dedicated to all the true fans out there.”

There are still plenty of them.

SOURCE: Boston Herald

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November 30th, 2009
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After a tumultuous year, spurred on by ‘the incident’ which reverberated around the world, R&B star Chris Brown is back and looking to reassert his place at the top with new LP ‘Graffiti’. With the world’s glaring eyes fixated on the performance of the project, it’d be hard to deny that this is the most important record the 20 year old will ever release. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the album, Brown’s 3rd, boasts production from some the industry’s most renowned hit-makers and artists alike.

The question on the lips of many, though, is: Does ‘Graffiti’ do enough to redeem Brown in the court of public opinion? I vote ‘Yes!’, albeit cautiously…

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December 15th, 2008

Chris Brown depended on Auto-Tune (especially in the almost Euro-disco “Forever”) and choreography of a wilder kind. Unlike most of the other acts Mr. Brown’s didn’t use a full band: most of the time it was just Mr. Brown with a microphone, a drummer, one musician manning the digital backing tracks, and nine break dancers. The energy seemed uncentered, except when Rihanna came out to alternate verses with him on “Cinderella” (the remix of her song “Umbrella”) and “Live Your Life” (her new song with T. I.): Mr. Brown ran around her like a tetherball whipping around a post.


December 7th, 2008
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Chris Brown performing

Any mere mention of the name Chris Brown from the show’s hosts sent the young, female and generally besotted audience into screaming fits. Brown’s headlining set was, in kind, less a performance of music than a celebration of Chris Brown-ness, a flaming nebula of charisma that made whatever snippet of song he tackled largely beside the point. Brown is probably the best dancer in pop music today (a hugely underrated skill), and he turned over a big portion of his set to a gang of nimble kids who joined him in several dance-offs that surely left phantom pains in the joints of all adults in the room. Hits like “No Air” and “Kiss Kiss” were perfectly competent windows-down confections, but each were subsumed in the sheer wattage of Brown’s star power. So goes Jingle Ball as a whole — a good song will get you on the radio, but you have to rise above the playlist to stay there.

– August Brown / LA Times

November 18th, 2008
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International singers Rihanna and Chris Brown gave an early Christmas treat to Filipino fans through a back-to-back concert last Sunday, November 16, at The Fort Open Field in Taguig City.

More than 70,000 followers filled the concert venue to show their support for the two young R&B singers who arrived in the country last Saturday from a cancelled concert in Indonesia. There were still hundreds of avid fans who failed to get in the venue, but still managed to enjoy the show by listening to the songs of the international music artists.

The show started exactly at the scheduled time with Chris Brown appearing on stage with a cover on his face. In the background were initials in bold-lighted letters.

The 19-year-old pop singer-songwriter showed off his dance moves with his hit songs like “Forever,” “Kiss, Kiss” “Gimme That,” “Picture Perfect.” Then, after his first set, Chris engaged in a showdown among his crew members who grouped themselves based on gender.

Of course, Chris did not only prove his talent in breakdancing, he also serenaded the audience with his R&B songs like “Say Good Bye,” and “With You.” He also performed the duet song “No Air” with the recorded voice of Jordin Sparks.

The Grammy-nominated artists also paid homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson by singing a few of his hits while imitating his dance moves. The tribute included songs such as “Rock With You,” “Billy Jean,” and “Thriller.”
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