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April 30th, 2013
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December 18th, 2012
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The mastered version of Chris’ track “As Your Friend” has entered the web. The song is rumoured to be on Chris’ next album which also is rumoured to be called “Carpe Diem”. Nobody knows for sure yet though!

For now, which version of the song “As Your Friend” is your favourite?

1st Version                                                              Mastered Version



August 16th, 2012
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I loooooooooooove this!

– Dominique

June 6th, 2012
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With less than a month to go until his fifth album Fortune drops, Chris Brown reveals the guest list and production credits. Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Nas, Kevin McCall, Sabrina Antoinette, and Sevyn make the guest list, with production from Polow Da Don, The Runners, The Underdogs, Boi-1da, Tha Bizness, Danja, William Orbit, and Brown, who co-produced three tracks.

Standard version

1. “Turn Up the Music” – Produced by The Underdogs & Fuego
2. “Bassline” – Produced by Pop Wansel, co-produced by Dayvi Jae
3. “Till I Die” feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa – Produced by Danja
4. “Mirage” feat. Nas – Produced by Harmony, co-produced by Chris Brown
5. “Don’t Judge Me” – Produced by The Messengers
6. “2012″ – Produced by Adonis, co-produced by Kevin “K-Mac” McCall
7. “Biggest Fan” – Produced by The Runners, co-produced by The Monarch
8. “Sweet Love” – Produced by Polow da Don & Jason “JP” Perry
9. “Strip” feat. Kevin McCall – Produced by Tha Bizness
10. “Stuck on Stupid” – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy, co-produced by Dante Jones
11. “4 Years Old” – Produced by Polow Da Don & Tommy Hittz
12. “Party Hard/Cadillac (Interlude)” feat. Sevyn – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy & Boi-1da
13. “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Produced by Benny & Alle Benassi, Free School & William Orbit, co-produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy
14. “Trumpet Lights” feat. Sabrina Antoinette – Produced by Polow Da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon

Deluxe Edition
15. “Tell Somebody” – Produced by Polow da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon
16. “Free Run” – Produced by The Underdogs
17. “Remember My Name” feat. Sevyn – Produced by Free School & Chris Brown, co-produced by Jonas Jeberg
18. “Wait for You” – Produced by Harmony aka H-Money, co-produced by Chris Brown
19. “Touch Me” feat. Sevyn – Produced by R.A.P. 1220

“Don’t Wake Me Up” is officially a single!
A few days ago a new version leaked, the mastered one (official). It is a big big difference between the original and mastered version.

The original is more deep and beautiful, more emotional . The mastered  has been changed to more techno-dubstep-remix. It’s quite good, but I feel like the whole feeling of the song is gone. Not a good idea to begin the song with the acoustic guitar, instead of letting it come as a surprise towards the end like in the original.

Which one do YOU like most?

  • Mastered Version - Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up – LISTEN
  • Original Version – Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up – LISTEN


February 19th, 2012
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Chris Brown is featured on a track from Tyga’s upcoming album “Careless World:Rise of The Last King”.

The track is called “For The Fame” and is also featuring Wynter Gordon. If the track is a single or not is unknown. “Careless World” will release February 21 so look out for that one!

DOWNLOAD Tyga ft. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon – “For The Fame”


February 14th, 2012
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We got some new tracks right here!

DOWNLOAD J Valentine feat Chris Brown – Bed Bath & Beyond
DOWNLOAD Estelle feat Trey Songz & Chris Brown - International (Serious)


February 10th, 2012
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Just recently a few tracks leaked. The track “I love you” is a wonderfuland absolutely beautiful ballad that fits right in on “Fortune”! The question is though, will the track make it to “Fortune”?
DOWNLOAD Chris Brown – I Love You (NOT Graffiti)

Then we got “Kinda Famous” featuring Richgirl. You thinking the same thing as me? Chris’s clothing line! It was supposed to come a little while ago. Do you think the song & the clothing line are related?:
DOWNLAOD Chris Brown – Kinda Famous (Feat Richgirl)

“Chris Brown has an upcoming clothing line coming out called “Kind Of Famous” and he has been releasing previews of the line via twitpics. With the help of a few friends, such as Justin Bieber helping Chris model the Deadlock tees, the line seems to be gaining the support of many.”


February 5th, 2012
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I don’t know if this a leak, but I had to post it. What we all waited for, has COME!! I think this is one of Chris’s best music videos, what about you?!

Make sure you trend #Next2You on twitter now!!!

- Rita

April 15th, 2011
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Chris tweeted “Wow! I hope y’all like treading waters! It’s a song from fortune album!”. So now we know that “Treading Water” is for Chris’s upcoming album “Fortune”. Wow all I can say is that the track is AMAZING!

In other twitter news, Chris tweeted – “Was in the studio with the incredible M.I.A and Polow!! Amazing artist! ReAl talent”. Some new music coming up?

Ps. Maybe “Fortune” will have “Sweetheart”, “Calypso” and “Geronimo”?