HD Videos – Carpe Diem Tour – Sweden, Stockholm Nov 19

You so rarely see HD videos on youtube from concerts, so I wanted to post these videos from the Stockholm show from Sweden, November 19. Make sure to choose 1080 quality!

My short review from the Carpe Diem show:

A very impressive opening (I Can Only Imagine & Beautiful People) with a creative and interesting stage (a space ship!). Chris’ dancing is flawless and well thought during every dance song (like TUTM, Bassline & Birthday Cake). The crowd sing their lungs in every ballad and up-tempo tracks. Chris variates his performance with calm and fast songs and ends the show with Turn Up The Music. Long story short, this was the perfect combo of old & new songs (like Take You Down) and incredible dance moves (ex. from TUTM & Forever)!

Biggest Fan

Don’t Judge Me

More videos after the jump!

All Back

I Can Only Imagine


Birhday Cake


Yeah 3X

Turn Up The Music

11 thoughts on “HD Videos – Carpe Diem Tour – Sweden, Stockholm Nov 19”

  1. I was at the concert in Oslo, Norway and it was AMAZING! Sick dancemoves and the world’s most beautiful voice! Was so starstruck I cried the whole show.. Hope he does a new europe tour again soon! LOVE HIM!!!!

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