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July 30th, 2011

Definitely a departure from all of his Urban music.

- Dominique

July 29th, 2011
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Chris is only the first few seconds of this video, but I guess that means we can expect him on Bow Wow‘s mixtape, Greenlight 4, which will be available for download on August 15th….

- Hawa

July 29th, 2011
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Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland Celebrate in Hollywood
Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Cee-Lo, Christina Milian, and Jamie Foxx all partied it up in Hollywood at Eden nightclub last night(?). I’m going out on a limb here, but I’d say they’re celebrating Kelly’s album release (currently listening to it now, and enjoying every song) and the upcoming tour with Kelly and Chris.

Now, this may be totally reaching, but what about Cee-Lo touring with Chris and Kelly? I would lose my life. I would probably have to attend every show. LOL!
- Dominique
Photo Source: Rap-Up

July 28th, 2011

The good news just doesn’t cease to keep rolling in these days. Loving it. MTV just confirmed that Chris Brown, as well as Lil’ Wayne, and Adele are scheduled to perform at this years VMAs. I am starting to get semi-excited now, even though I still consider the nominations a fail.

Shoutout to all the people who were angry about my joke in the last VMA post. Adele and her chair will probably score a few wins – MTV is predictable. I wonder what song Chris will be performing. Look At Me Now seems fitting, but the performance has to be absoutely f*cking epic.

He’s gonna have a hard time topping this:

But, we all know he can do it. It only gets better with time.

- Dominique

July 27th, 2011

Looks like someone left the water faucet on. Enjoy the full version of the new Chris Brown song which just leaked earlier today.

July 27th, 2011
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After a snippet leaked of “I Love Her”, presumably a track from the upcoming Fortune, Chris Re-Tweeted a fan that mentioned him and the leak:
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And followed up by revealing that he has recorded a lot of diverse material for Fortune.
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He also was sure to show appreciation to his fans, and supporters for making “Wet The Bed” the number one most added song at Urban radio:
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I think it’s absolutely perfect that “Wet The Bed” is getting a radio push. I find myself singing the song everywhere I go. It’s a shame. LOL. Video anyone?

Until then bounce to this Club remix of WTB:

Deejay Amir Wet The Bed Giddy Up Version GoInG hAMZZZZZ by Deejay Amir Goinq Hamz !
- Dominique

July 27th, 2011
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July 27th, 2011

Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland
It’s no longer just a rumor, they’ve sealed the deal. Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland are officially going to tour together. The tour is slated to kick off this fall, sometime in Septemeber. Dates and venues have still not been released, but rest assured that we’ll post them as soon as they’re made available – or hell, even rumored. :)

Here’s what Chris had to say about the tour on Twitter:
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So, we can expect Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, and _________? This is going to be good.

I would say I know I better get the chance to finally meet him on this tour, but who am I kidding – six years of running the most popular and oldest Chris Brown site means nothing. JUST JOKING! I love you, if you actually took the time to resize this text and see what I said. :)
- Dominique

July 26th, 2011
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Chris Brown and The Game - Pot of Gold Music Video

The music video for The Game’s new single featuring Chris Brown, Pot Of Gold, is finally out. Was I the only one who missed the news of ninjas getting robbed of $12,000 in cash and jewelery on the set? Dayum!
- Dominique
Note: If the video does not play in the YouTube player, click on the image above the video to go to the YouTube page.

July 25th, 2011
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Jay Rock talking about Chris Brown
MTV sat down with Jay Rock and talked about his collabo with Chris Brown on “Westside”, and Jay had nothing but positive words about CBreezy. Jay Rock echoed the sentiments of DJ Frank E, stating that Chris knocked the song out in less than 20 minutes. “He did the hook within 15-20 minutes. That dude, he grinds and he had other stuff that he had to do, but he still [did it].”

Today has been full of positive and great news/rumors. Let’s keep this up TeamBreezy, but most of all – the media!

- Dominique
Source: MTV

* PS Happy 6th Year Anniversary ChrisBrownWeb!

July 25th, 2011
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Jill Scott
One of my absolute f*cking favorites of all time, Jill Scott, took to Twitter a couple days ago to let lend Chris some words of encouragement by quoting her song “A Long Walk”. I absolutely had to post this. I love when celebrities stick up for Chris, especially ones with such esteem, grace, substance and intelligence as Jill Scott.
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- Dominique