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This week has been an extremely testing week for Breezy and although we don’t want to discuss in detail the recent Twitter spat that happened over the last 24 hours, we do have this to say to Chris. Team Breezy and Chris Brown Web will stand by and support you in whatever decisions you make. End.

Now on to actual news and updates – Chris just tweeted to announce that he and Bruno Mars are working together on a new track set to be released in 2011!

Chris also took to Twitter to post some pictures of his new sneakers and a Ron English sculpture, check them out below.

In chart news this week’s US charts have just been released. Yeah 3X continues to move up the chart rising 20-19 on the Hot 100, 16-14 on the Pop Chart, 20-14 on the Radio Songs chart and 20-19 on the Digital Songs chart.

Billboard Magazine also published their annual Hot 100 Songs of the Year and “Deuces” came in at #68! Congratulations Breezy!

Source: Twitter & Billboard Magazine

December 25th, 2010

December 25th, 2010
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Chris revealed on his Twitter (as you can see below) that he’s planning on releasing 2 major songs just in time for the new year to kick in.

Well it looks like 2011 will be Breezy’s year! Me, and i know all of you are excited!


December 25th, 2010
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Chris revealed via his Twitter, that one of his dogs gave birth to new puppies. The Mr. Twitpic man himself showed us the birth with Twitpics of course.

More pics:

Congrats on a successful delivery Dr. Brown! lol


December 18th, 2010

December 17th, 2010
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This was the best interview I’ve seen of Chris since you know what. The interviewer didn’t talk about the past, refer to it, remind us of it, didn’t ask unnecessary questions, no shady questions, no backhanded questions, didn’t ask him how he’s holding up, or what he’s been going through. This was just a straight happy and fun interview, just like old times. I hope to see more like this. Shout out to Nessa!


December 16th, 2010
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This week’s US charts has just been released and Breezy is soaring up the music charts with Yeah 3X and No Bullshit. On the Hot 100, Yeah 3X leaps 33-22 thanks to an increase in radio airplay and digital downloads. On the Digital songs chart, Yeah 3x soars 39-26 and enters the Top 20 on the Pop Songs chart moving from 21-19.

Chris’ second single off the ‘Fan of a Fan’ mixtape No Bullshit, enters the Hot 100 this week at number 89 and also jumps 18-11 on the R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart and is this weeks Airplay Gainer. Get Back Up by T.I. featuring Breezy also enters the R&B/Hip-Hop songs Top 40 at number 37.

And lets not forget Deuces, which as of this week has spent six months on the Hot 100 and remains within the Top 40 at number 36!

*Now everybody put your hands in the air and say Yeah Yeah Yeah!!*


December 16th, 2010

December 15th, 2010
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Keri talks about her sexy song with Chris Brown called ‘One Night Stand’, off her sophomore album No Boys Allowed.

December 13th, 2010
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Chris Brown has topped AOL’s Top R&B Songs of 2010 placing ‘No Bullshit’ at #1 and ‘Deuces’ at #5. Here’s what AOL had to say about both tracks.

05 –  ‘Deuces’ Feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall

Chris Brown took a non-traditional approach to releasing a new album in 2010 by recording a mixtape with rapper Tyga called ‘Fan of a Fan’ and releasing it online. On ‘Deuces,’ which also features Kevin McCall, Brown sings that he’s done trying to make a troubled relationship work and is moving on instead. The track earned a 2011 Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

01-  ‘No Bullshit’

Chris Brown makes his second appearance on our list with ‘No BS,’ another track from his ‘Fan of a Fan’ mixtape. “Why don’t you come over my place, put a smile on my face,” Brown sings seductively on the slow jam. Brown’s ode to doing it all night long rounds out our Top R&B Songs of 2010.

Congratulations Breezy!

Source: AOL Radio Blog

December 13th, 2010
CATEGORY: Exclusives, F.A.M.E., New Music, News | PERMALINK recently visited the set of Chris Brown and Chipmunk’s new video for ‘Champion’ and whilst there Max got to hang with Breezy (see pic above) and Chipmunk. She writes,

I was lucky enough to fly out to Miami for the video-shoot for Chipmunk’s hot new single feat Chris Brown, it’s called ‘Champion’. I can promise you something so big and special. Big budget video think fast cars, yachts, helicopters and Chip and Chris looking hot both guys stepped up there swag.. Being on set I got to witness the chemistry between Chip and Chris I can tell you it was genuine easy and they had a lot of fun making the video together. Chip had his CM AR family with him while Chris had his beautiful cute little dog who he kept playing with most of the day. Pics and video to come shout’s to director Colin Tilley (Deuces, No Bullshit, Yeah 3X etc) he is great at what he does.

Max also got to hang with Chris in his trailer and later tweeted, “in the trailer catching up with @chrisbrown good news.. he told me he is coming to the UK in New get ready”.

So there we are UK fans, the UK tour is officially happening.