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September 28th, 2010
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“Deuces” shows no signs of stopping this week as it remains atop of US Urban Chart for another week. The song (taken from the Fan of a Fan mixtape) is again this weeks bullet song with 4285 spins holding off Trey Songz and Drake from the top spot. The song also makes an impressive 4-3 jump on the Rhythmic chart with 5099 rotations and also jumps 48-46 on the Urban AC chart.

Bring on the “Deuces” remix with Kanye, Andre 3000 Drake, T.I. and Fabolous!

FYI: The remix  could be out as early as next week, according to Chris on uStream :).

Source: America’s Music Chart


September 28th, 2010

A song as remix-ready as Chris Brown‘s “Deuces” deserves some serious star power for its re-imagining. Breezy intends on delivering just that.

In a Ustream chat with fans held tonight (September 27), Brown revealed the highly anticipated remix to his chart-topping single will have a star-studded line-up, which includes T.I., Fabolous, Drake, Kanye West, and Andre 3000.

Chris couldn’t say exactly when the song would be out — he was expecting to receive Kanye’s verse during the chat — but a music video is planned.

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September 27th, 2010

The long awaited mini-movie video premiere of Chris Brown Matrix/12 strands is finally here! It premieres at 8pm/est today, so you still have time to buy your ticket ($2.99), at (where it’ll premiere). The proceeds from the video will be going to a great cause.  I have my ticket, I hope you do too!

There’s also something else that has been long awaited that #TeamBreezy has been DYING to get from Chris, and that’s for him to do some live streaming, which he said he’ll do today, via his Twitter [ @ChrisBrown ].

Chris also revealed on his Twitter that there will be a saga of 12 strand videos, and this one that we seeing today is only the 1st episode.

I’m pumped!

– Sharrod

September 24th, 2010
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I am so proud of my city, so I will not litter this post with my thoughts about the venue that was chosen.

I lied.

You win some, you lose some – yes – but let’s just say there’s this thing called radio — and if I’m not mistaken it’s supposed to be a place that introduces new music, rather than recycle the same playlist of 25 songs, daily. So, hopefully that is what @DJFrankE is doing by premiering Chris’ track on KS107.5. He said he’ll be returning to the morning show -_- to premiere Flo-Rida’s new song.

Hopefully DJ Frank E will be one of the first few people to put Colroado on the map as far as entertainment. I mean, we have Flo Bots, 3Oh3, India.Arie, but where is the urban flare? *Cough* BSBG –  @iamPries @RockieG5. I don’t know, I guess as an aspiring producer and artist, I wish that things were a lot different where I come from.

But, who cares! CBWEB is relocating to Miami next year, and will be doing bigger and better things than you’ve ever imagined! Chris Brown Web is my life, and you fellow team Breezy member, are my best friend! CBWeb will exist forevermore, I can assure you that. We are the first, the most dedicated, and the most honest when it comes to absolutely everything.

Enough of my vendetta with my state.  :-)



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September 22nd, 2010
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Chris Brown’s “Deuces” has secured another week atop the US Urban Radio chart, thanks to an increase in rotation from the Urban market. According to MediaBase (the Radio chart authority) “Deuces” was one of this weeks bullet songs (a song with a sudden jump in radio play) with 4176 spins, up from last weeks number.

Not only that, “Deuces” is also beginning to make its cross over on to other radio charts, hopefully allowing it to climb higher on the Billboard Hot 100. On the Rythmic Chart, “Deuces” is once again this weeks bullet song with 4548 spins remaining firmly at No. 4. The song also makes its first appearance on the Urban AC chart as a bullet song with 50 spins.

Check out for the Billboard Charts which are released tomorrow to check where “Deuces” lands this week!

Source: America’s Music Charts.

September 22nd, 2010


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September 18th, 2010
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Released just over three weeks ago Chris Brown’s latest adventure in the heist film Takers, has officially passed the $50 million mark at the US Box Office with a total domestic gross of $50,271,000. The film starring T.I. and Idris Elba, amongst other stars, opened in the US less than a month ago and is set to be released in foreign box offices over the next few weeks meaning that it’s worldwide release may bring the film’s total gross into the $80,000,000+ territory.

FYI: This weekend hasn’t been included in the domestic Takers total meaning that it’s domestic gross may increase by a few million.

Source: Box Office Mojo.

September 17th, 2010
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Young Money rapper Tyga recently sat down with The Boom Box to talk about his recent collaboration with Chris Brown, during which he revealed how thankful he was that the fans took to the record and made it #1.

“It’s a great feeling because we made that off a mixtape and the fans just chose it to be No. 1 on radio,” Tyga told The BoomBox of the song’s natural progression. “We didn’t put no money into it. We shot the video out of our own pocket and it came out.”

Tyga is of course speaking about “Deuces” the song taken from the Fan of a Fan mixtape which remains at the top of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart this week, for a third consecutive week.

Source: The Boom Box.

September 17th, 2010


Today is the day that we were all waiting for! Not only did Chris confirm that he is in the studio working on his fourth studio album, he also announced the title of the album. Speaking to Austin’s 102.3 The Beat radio station, Chris confirmed that the album is going to be called F.A.M.E. which many of us will know stands for Forgiving All My Enemies, which Chris also has tattooed across his arm.

I think that it’s the perfect album title. It’s a good way to brush off what’s happened over the last year and to look to the future with no hard feelings and better music. What do you think of the album title?

September 17th, 2010

Speaking to US Magazine Laurieann Gibson a.k.a. Lady GaGa’s choreographer, was asked during a recent interview, besides working with Lady GaGa which musician in the industry she would like to work with and here’s her answer.

US: Is there anyone else you really want to work with that you haven’t been able to yet?

LG: Chris Brown. He is the closest thing that I’ve seen to what we loved about Michael Jackson. If there is a synch between music and singer, that magic, he’s there. But I think at this point he’s still so young and hasn’t gotten the right guidance.

Source: US Magazine.

– Steven.

September 17th, 2010
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I had the pleasure of getting this exclusive info for Team Breezy. I won’t say much, I’ll just let the interview do the talking. And, Frank E – make sure you take good care of our boy, Breezy! We, the fans, are trusting you! LOL!

1. How did you guys come up with the song, “Yeah 3x”?
I was working late one night in the studio when I got a call from my manager.  Chris was working in the studio down the street and wanted to me to come down and listen to some tracks.  I walked in, met Chris for the first time, and played him 1 track.  He sat there for 4 minutes listening, then said, “Ok, I’m ready.”  He jumped in the booth and wrote the whole thing on the spot.
2. Who wrote it?
Chris did and he wrote it in about 15 minutes.  I didn’t realize that he wrote so much until then.  I was really impressed.
3. Is the song from Chris’ forthcoming album?
Chris told me he has two songs in mind for the singles for his album – “Yeah 3x” is the pop/rhythmic/crossover single, and he has one more that leans more urban.
4. Will there be a music video?
While we were working on the song, he described to me in detail his vision for the song, the music video, everything… he’s talented beyond belief and has a vision for his work.
5. Will you and Chris be working together again?
We have plans to work again soon in LA.  Chris is great to work with because he works fast and off immediate inspiration.  His vocals seem effortless, and watching him in the booth is like a mini concert.  Be ready for more from Chris Brown and DJ Frank E!
- Dominique