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August 31st, 2010
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Team Breezy today is a day for celebration as we can reveal that Chris has scored another #1 this week! Along with having the #1 film in the country, Chris also has the #1 Urban Song in the US as “Deuces” climbs 3-1 on the official Urban chart.

“Deuces” was the most played song this week on the Urban Radio chart, where it had 4003 radio spins knocking Drake’s “Miss Me” into second place.

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Source: America’s Music Charts.

August 30th, 2010

Philly’s Power 99 will be announcing the lineup for Powerhouse 2010 live Tuesday, August 31 at 5pm. Watch the streaming press conference here for your first chance to win tickets to the show. Plus, catch studio performances from some of fantastic acts in the lineup.

Make sure you log on and vote for Chris Brown to perform live at the concert!

August 30th, 2010

Team Breezy, today we all proved that we don’t take NO for an answer!

When we were told Chris’s career was doomed, we continued to support him; when we were told “Takers” was not going to be a box office success, we went out and we saw it multiple times. Well, Team Breezy, after a long weekend it has been announced today that Takers is officially the #1 film in the US this week! The film raked in $20,512,304 beating out the studio and analyst expectations and bumping “The Last Exorcism” into second place.

FYI: It was a close race for the top spot between the two films with only $140,000 seperating them, but we came out on top!

- Dominique

Source: Box Office Mojo

August 30th, 2010
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Chris Brown in Studio during Deuces Remix Session August 29, 2010

Chris Brown in Studio during Deuces Remix Session August 29, 2010

Like we said yesterday, Chris Brown had a pretty exciting weekend. Turns out he was in the studio with Kevin McCall (someone finally explained who he was to me, thanks!) and Keri Hilson (you know you need to marry me still, right?) and MdL productions, working on the Deuces Remix. Now, I can only imagine how the remix is going to sound if the original slapped SO HARD! (Jigs)

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how fast @MdLProductions works when it comes to mixing, mastering, and how antsy @ChrisBrown is about releasing the remix. LOL! Until then, all you girlies gaze at Chris’ twitpic and imagine what his vocals are going to sound like over a possibly new beat.

Ahh, and here’s a picture MdL posted on their Facebook.

Chris Brown, Kevin McCall and MdL Productions

- Dominique

August 30th, 2010
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Chris Brown and The Rej3ctz

It seems that Breezy is back and here to stay. Here he is, behind the scenes, making a cameo in The Rej3ctz new video CatDaddy. Can’t wait to see the video!

SOURCE: HipHollywood
- Sharrod

August 29th, 2010

As we all know, from this post, Chris’ video for “Ain’t Thinking ‘Bout You” was/is supposed to premiere today. What time? No one knows. Quite frankly, we’re not even sure it’s still going to be released today. However, what we do know is that Chris did indeed shoot one music video this weekend.

As we informed you earlier this week, Twista and Chris’ song “Make A Movie” will not go without a music video. Here’s a couple tweets from director, Colin Tilley:

We should be expecting the “Make A Movie” music video sometime in September, hopefully!

Now, the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve received quite a few Takers Ticket Takeover submissions and will begin posting the collage tomorrow. We thank you all for sending in your pictures, and just want everyone to know that this is a long-term project and there is no deadline for when you can send it in.

There are a number of bogus stories floating around too, like this one. We’ll keep quiet on that subject, and move on to more positive things like the fact that Chris is hitting up the studio today with that Kevin Mc… yeah, that one dude — acccording to this tweet:

So this weekend has been jam packed for Chris. Studio, music videos, brand new movie in theatres. The comeback has truly ensued and we could not be any happier for him.
- Dominique

August 28th, 2010

Chris Brown will not tour with Usher because of financial reasons, and not because Usher believes Brown is still tainted, his camp claims.

Rumors have swirled that the two may team up on stage during Usher’s upcoming tour after the R&B crooners performed together in July at Jamaica’s Reggae SumFest concert. But both camps now say that’s not happening.

Music insiders say the reason is that Brown already had a tour deal in place with Live Nation and it’s impossible for him to extract himself from that deal. Live Nation would not grant a waiver to loan Brown out for the Usher tour.

Other sources speculated that talks ended because Usher’s camp thought it wasn’t a good idea to be on tour with Brown. “They didn’t feel it was the right time,” said one Brown insider.

Brown is still dealing with the fallout after he attacked his ex-girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammys last year. He pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to 180 hours of community service and five years probation.

But sources close to Usher say that is absolutely untrue. “Usher has no issue with Chris,” one insider told us. “He and his camp were absolutely positive to the notion of touring. There were discussions, but it did not pan out.”

“There are no plans for Usher and Brown to tour together,” said Usher’s management in a statement.

Aside from Live Nation’s contract lockdown, Brown may not be able to tour overseas as he’s still having trouble getting a visa to travel because of his conviction.

This week wasn’t all bad for Brown: California Judge Patricia Schnegg told him at a court hearing Thursday that “he was doing a great job” serving his probation. And his new movie, “Takers,” with Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana was released yesterday.

SOURCE: New York Post

August 28th, 2010

As summer comes blissfully to an end, moviegoers aren’t abandoning their local multiplex yet.  Two new releases performed better than expected on Friday, even if they were purposely released in the dog days of August.

Lionsgate’s “The Last Exorcism” surprised many with an impressive $9.4 million on Friday for what could be anywhere from an $20-25 million weekend depending on word of mouth. The horror flick received mediocre reviews, but with an incredibly low budget, could be the cash cow Lionsgate desperately needs.

In second place, Screen Gems’ “Takers,” who has had just enough date changes to make many question the quality of the ensemble thriller, may have benefited from a less competitive opening frame.  The Chris Brown and T.I. flick grossed $7.5 million for what could be an $18-20 million debut. Reportedly shot for only $20 million, “Takers” was eviscerated by critics which could mean a short shelf life in theaters.  Sony will be happy with whatever it can get from the heist picture over the next few weeks.

Dropping to third was Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables.”  The Millennium Films/Lionsgate action adventure found another $2.7 million for what could be anywhere from $7-8 million 3-day.  “Expendables” should cross $80 million by Sunday, but it’s going to take a few weeks to hit the magic $100 million mark.

In fourth, “Eat Pray Love” grossed another $2.1 million for what should be a $6-7 million.  “Love” should reach $60 million by Sunday, but the six figure mark looks like a stretch at this point.  The Julia Roberts romantic drama will be happy to come anywhere close to last summer’s “Julie and Julia” which finished with $94 million.

Happier news for Sony Pictures came with Will Ferrell’s “The Other Guys” $1.9 million Friday and what should be a $5.8 million 3-day.  By Monday, “The Other Guys” should be close to $100 million and when all is said and done could finish close to Ferrell’s “Blades of Glory” which made $118 million.

In just 811 3-D and IMAX screens, the re-release of “Avatar” did a so-so $1.2 million.


Leave it to people to hate on a great movie. They need to get over themselves, and go see the damn movie. It was epic! Stay clicked, I will be be posting the first version of the Takers Ticket Takeover collage this evening!

August 27th, 2010
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So, I just had this genius idea and thought I’d rush to my computer to post it so we can get it started TODAY!

We all know that Chris Brown‘s new movie, #TAKERS, is in theatres today and that we’re all going to see it today —  maybe some tomorrow or Sunday, but the true die hards are going to see it today (unless you don’t live in America *tear*)!

Anyway, I was thinking that we can all take a picture of ourselves at the movie theatre holding our TAKERS ticket, hence the title of the post, Takers Ticket Takeover lol. Starting this evening, after I return home from my screening of the movie, I’ll be putting together a collage. The collage will consist of all the fans that showed their support, and took their photos with their TAKERS ticket.

To submit your photo upload it to and mention it @ChrisBrownWeb after you’ve uploaded it, or simply e-mail it to us! Simple enough, right?

The collage will grow over time, and each new picture will be beautifully placed in the graphic as we receive them. The Takers Ticket Takeover isn’t just for this weekend, so all of you that don’t see it this weekend, or live in another country – don’t forget about it. Of course, I’ll be sure to remind you on Twitter and in posts that will be made next week!

So, let’s go! Oh, and don’t forget to include #Takers in EVERY tweet you send  out today. Let’s get it trending!
- Dominique

Ps – stay clicked for the WeAreTeamBreezy Takers forum discussion post. We’ll be posting our review of the movie there and would love your feedback, as well as your own reviews and even just textual SCREAMS about how you felt seeing Chris Brown returning to the ultra, mega, super, big.. okay.. maybe it’s not that big – but, big screen. :)

By the way, watch out for bed bugs at your local AMC theatre, New Yorkers. Gross.

August 27th, 2010
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The judge overseeing Chris Brown‘s probation for beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna sang the praises of the R&B artist and urged him to keep chipping away at his community service requirement.

Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg did not raise any issues about Brown’s progress during the brief hearing on Aug. 26.

“You’re doing very well on probation,” Schnegg told Brown. “You’re doing a great job.”

Brown, 21, did not speak during the hearing.

The judge said Brown had consistently worked to satisfy his six-month community labor sentence, but she did not say how many hours he had completed.

Schnegg also noted she had read positive reports from a domestic violence counseling program attended by Brown.

His attorney Mark Geragos said at a hearing in May that Brown had logged nearly 300 hours of community work.

The singer was sentenced last year to five years probation and six months of community labor for assaulting Rihanna in February 2009 after a pre-Grammy Awards party.

Once known for his squeaky-clean image and dancing ability, Brown has also been working to repair his public image since the beating.

SOURCE: AP via Billboard

August 27th, 2010

Takers, the movie we’ve all been waiting for, is finally in theaters! Go see it! See it more than once! Take a friend, take your whole family! Hell, take a stranger! (kidding lol). Convince somebody who doesn’t want to see it, to go see it! Lets make Takers #1!

Support this movie as much as you can, and let’s show Breezy how much we appreciate him as an thespian. We’ve heard, from many people, that Chris’ stunts are pretty intense, and now we FINALLY get to see for ourselves! I can’t wait! And #TeamBreezy, I know you can’t either! LEGGO!

After you see the movie, log on to WeAreTeamBreezy and let us know what you thought of it. We will be posting a link to the discussion forum and will have a chat room available for you to all go crazazazy over!

Also, tweet “#Takers” as much as possible and let’s make Takers trend on Twitter all day, today!

SideNote: There’s an updated list of radio stations to request Chris’ Deuces single, thanks to one of my followers on Twitter who sent it to me. Request Deuces [HERE]

- Sharrod