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December 31st, 2009

Update: @mechanicaldummy has been suspended due to strange activity.

Chris Brown’s @mechanicaldummy account seems to be reactivated again on Twitter but the question is, is it really Chris? Fans on Twitter first noticed that something was about to happen with his account when his tweets began reappearing in their retweets and favorites list, but how do we know that it’s really Chris? Our advice is to follow the account until the account is verified and if it’s not verified soon, unfollow.

So far, the owner of the account has tweeted the following.

- Please Follow me back, Im back on twitter for good now….I was going thru some things but ya boy is back 2010 Lets Go!

- It might telling you that ur following me & when you click my page ur not because I reactivated my page…so Re Click the FOLLOW button

- Yes this is really me, I decided to come back & connect with the fans for 2010 its only right because I LOVE yall….So Please ReFollow me

If it really is Chris then what an amazing New Years present! What do you all think? Leave comments!

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December 30th, 2009
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Recently, MTV News sat down with Brown to ask him about the songs and albums that helped him along the way. Because, as he told us, ultimately, it’s all about the music. These are his picks for the album and artist of 2009.

Artist of the Year

“Juelz Santana. … He played me some of his [upcoming] album, and it’s dope. He’s just gotta keep doing him. It took [Lil] Wayne a long time to break mainstream. The last couple years have been his big break. So I think it’s gonna take a while for Juelz to do it, but he got it. Juelz got it. He’s always making great music, so I think he doesn’t have too far to go.”

Album of the Year

“This year? Man, that’s hard. You know what I listened to a lot? Ryan Leslie’s [Transition] album. He’s a dope artist. He did [my song] ‘Famous Girl’ — he produced it — but he’s just a dope artist. I think creatively he’s so unique that I don’t think people get it yet. He’s just so dope. His album’s incredible. I listen to it all the time.”

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December 30th, 2009
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Chris Brown and Usher were spotted sitting courtside together last night (Dec 29) in Atlanta at the Hawks vs. Cavaliers basketball game at the Philips Arena. Other celebrities in the building include Akon, Young Jeezy, Polow Da Don and Chris Tucker.

More Photos:

View more photos at Uchris and Freddyo

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December 29th, 2009

I can transform ya: Listen

Crawl: Listen

Sing Like Me: Listen

Twitters to follow:

@wiredupdummy – Chris Brown blog site twitter. Chris DO NOT run it, his blog site team does. Chris DO NOT have a twitter! So if you think you following the REAL Chris Brown on twitter, well it’s FAKE! Unfollow that person now! Specifically @mechanical_cb & @Breezysoflyyy.

@TakersMovie – Chris Brown new movie ‘Takers’ twitter.

@SillyBoiiii – ME! =)

December 28th, 2009
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Chris Brown fans on Twitter and various different fan sites came together over the internet this last month to show their support for CB, the result being this amazing video! Fans were asked to submit pictures of themselves holding their copies of Graffiti and all the photos were made into a video montage (you might recognise CBWeb’s Sharrod in the video!). Check it out below.

Source: Chris Brown France

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December 27th, 2009

Chris Brown stopped by the Rickey Smiley Morning show some time early this month for a quick interview. This interview was HILARIOUS! I nearly cried listening to it lol. Take a listen.

Listen to Chris with Rickey >>> HERE

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December 25th, 2009

Everyone at ChrisBrownWeb would like to take the time to wish each and every one of our visitors a very merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa or any other festive celebration that is occuring this month. We’ll leave you with Chris Brown singing “This Christmas”. Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday!

December 22nd, 2009
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On December 16th Chris Brown went live on the internet to answer questions put to him by the fans and by Radio One. The highlights of the live chat are now online! You can watch them below. Roll the tape!

December 19th, 2009
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December 19th, 2009
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Chris recently did an interview with BET’S 106 & Park and in his interview he mentions some recent hot topics including, Twitter, Graffiti, his fans, and more. Check it out below!

December 17th, 2009
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Chris Brown has had a rough year and many doubted that he could ever have a career again, and doubted the success of his album Graffiti, but through it all, you true Breezy fans stuck by him and made SURE he wouldn’t fail, and by the look of these stats, he didn’t. With barely any promo for his album, no TV performances, his CD being blackballed by major outlets etc, I would say CB weathered the storm and came out proving all the naysayers wrong with stats like this.

Billboard 200

  • Graffiti debut: #7

Billboard HipHop/R&B

  • Graffiti debut: #1

Billboard digital downloads

  • Graffiti debut: #3

As for iTunes, Chris I can transform ya song just went gold with over 500k downloads!

Chris Brown is STILL the prince of R&B and the future of it. His image may have been damaged, but his talent stays the same.