What is the deal with this Mechanical Dummy?

73 Responses to “Mechanical Dummy?”

  1. Daminodarse says:

    i love everything he does he is soooo talented …i should have kissed you, the best song of all tmes!!!!

  2. Rdinorex says:

    i love everything Chris Brown does (: and also his new hair style <3 ;D

  3. Dshaechavez_15 says:

    omg chris is doin his thang !!!! i luv nxt to u

  4. Marcy_horton says:

    People like this

    I swear I love Chris Brown. I been by what happened w/ rihanna. People these days a trip. All my friends who hated him “supposedly” love him now. Like my radio station. They wouldn’t play his music. Now, She Ain’t you played 24/7.Anyways ily. #TeamBREEZY. Btw Chris I’m 14. Hope you read this. 

  5. Bob says:

    Team brezzy till death

  6. Johnson Neisha says:

    Team Breezy <3 =)

  7. Angiesumbana says:

    I love you… Gosto de ti… J’tmoumor…

  8. Drake Aubrey Graham says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpwOdzkbQws Check This Out…Chris Brown – CountdownMy Man Phyzik Getting Down…Next Big Rapper…Guaranteed You’ll Love It…I Wouldn’t Let You Down.

  9. Shania says:

    im am chris brown most biggest fan ever i know ever thing bout i love him that much i would love too meet him i tryed to get ticket to go see him on his tour but it didnt happen i had cryed i was really upset:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Winterfall44 says:

    omg love chris breezy and i always will ok team breezy 4ever

  11. Monae__Evans says:

    Chris you are number one in my book you’ve touched the heart of millions with you music,charm,beauty,and wonderful smile the haters shouldn’t phase you cause they not factors just keep doing what you do I’ll always be a breezy fan love ya

  12. Paleo says:

    Good website. Thank you for posting this. I will definitely return again to find out more and inform my acquaintenances about your writing.

  13. Haters can keep on talking but they aint got the money and the fans like you do. I love you chris with all my heart love ya and always will be a team breezy fan!!!!!!! TEAM#BREEZY

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