3 Responses to “cbweb-uilong-jayzbet”

  1. kat says:

    jay z should not been able to perorm he sound a mess, baby gozilla looking self. chris brown would have put them to shame, jayz is not GOD

  2. ladine says:

    thats not right jay z made it so that chris could pay his respect to mj. jay was and is aways trash and bey had her a trash moment at the awards

  3. jeff says:

    yo man everyone tryin to hate on Chris and i don't get it so he was in a dispute and i'm just gonna call it that i mean hell i can recall times when i was in high school and girls were always starting shit and they had shit coming to them…jay z sucks he should go back under the rock he came out from under i mean he just trying to hold chris back…that's why i decided not to try to become a singer because as long as there is jay-z the young generation of music will never get anywhere

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