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April 30th, 2009

Here’s a new song by T.I. featuring Chris Brown entitled “Don’t Matter.” It appears on the DJ Drama & Trap-A-Holics’ “Trap Music: Expect The Unexpected” mixtape due out next month. Download “Don’t Matter” Here.

Stream it:

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- Rita & Dominique

April 29th, 2009
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Chris Brown‘s high-powered lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ on his way out of the courtroom this morning he wants the Rihanna case against his client dismissed because of leaks in the case.

Geragos told us, “Leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regard to outrageous governmental misconduct.”

The Judge has set a date of May 28th for Brown’s preliminary hearing. Brown did not attend today’s hearing.

-Ashleigh / Rita


April 29th, 2009

Will Rihanna’s leaked police photo drain the life from the prosecution’s case against Chris Brown?

If Brown attorney Mark Geragos has his way, it will.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg today set a preliminary hearing for May 28 on Brown’s double felony case—the result of Geragos pushing for as late a court date as possible to allow him adequate time to respond to the still-pending investigation into just how Rihanna’s police photo was released.

Should the gruesome photos’ appearance prove to be the result of a police transgression, Geragos told E! News that he will move to have Brown’s entire case dismissed.

“The leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regards to outrageous governmental misconduct,” Geragos said.

Neither Rihanna nor Brown were present for today’s hearing, though the “Umbrella” singer’s interests—and those of her jewelers—were represented in the courtroom.

Source: E! Online

- Amee

April 29th, 2009

Rihanna’s jewelry is going to be free!

As you probably know, she was wearing $1.4 mil in borrowed jewelry when she was allegedly beaten by Chris Brown. She was supposed to give it back to the jeweler a while back — but it’s been held by the cops since Brown’s arrest.

Today the judge ruled the jewels can go back to their rightful owner. The LAPD will take photos of the bling in case it’s used as evidence in the trial. But expect a plea bargain.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, also asked the judge to order the LAPD to turn over the investigative reports on the leaked photo.



April 29th, 2009
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Chris Brown is not required to attend court in Los Angeles Wednesday morning, when a preliminary hearing date will be scheduled for the embattled R&B singer.

Brown is accused of punching, choking, and biting his then-girlfriend, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty in Los Angeles after a pre-Grammy Awards party February 8th. He is charged with felony assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal threats.

If the two sides fail to agree upon a deal, and the case progresses to the preliminary hearing stage, the case will be presented to a judge who will then decide if there is enough evidence to make Brown stand trial.

Rihanna’s attorney, Donald Etra, said that the “Disturbia” singer would prefer if prosecutors and Brown reach a plea agreement before a trial, but that she would testify if called upon.

Source: Radar Online

- Amee

April 29th, 2009
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Turning another page in the Chris Brown / Rihanna assault case, Brown is due to appear back in court today (April 29th) to make his first appearance since entering a plea of not guilty earlier this month.

How today’s legal proceedings unfold will largely be determined on whether or not Brown’s lawyers are able to strike a deal with the district attorney.

Both sides in the case were reportedly working around-the-clock to negotiate a plea deal, but no official announcement has come as of early this morning.  If not, Judge Patricia Schnegg could possibly move this case along and set an official court date.

Some of the major factors pushing the case towards a plea deal are the fact that Chris Brown is a first-time offender with no other criminal history, and both pop superstars could do without additional shocking information being made public from the night in question.

If no plea deal is struck and the case goes to trial, Brown could face a maximum of four years and eight months in prison if he’s found guilty, according to an L.A. County District Attorney spokesman.

Brown is facing felony charges of assault and making criminal threats.



April 28th, 2009
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Rihanna ditched the US over a week ago for the sunny skies of Barbados where she has been spotted with the likes of Katy Perry, Beenie Man and some mystery guy. According to my reader, she has fled the country to avoid testifying against Chris Brown.

“In California, the state asks the “victim” to testify at the preliminary hearing(Wed.). The victim may not feel like testifying and if so the case is DEAD. Chris walks. Without a doubt. The court can subpoena the “victim” to testify”. But Rihanna gets the hell out of the country! US cannot serve a subpoena on someone in Barbados! Or, they can if the Bajan government has some agreement with the US but that would be overkill for this kind of case. The DA and Judge doesn’t want to get into a situation where they have to cite her for contempt and even arrest her because this is a domestic violence case and it will look like they are victimizing the victim. So what do they? THEY HOLD HER JEWELRY HOSTAGE? That’s right, Necole. In other words, if you don’t testify we’re gonna hold this 1.4M worth of jewels ’til you do. Let the jewelry companies sue you. ANd, this could also affect the quality of the plea deal because they could imply that if Chris doesn’t accept a specific plea agreement then they’re gonna hold onto the jewels even longer because they may need it for evidence in an eventual trial. Their actions implicitly suggest that they don’t have a case against Chris Brown.”

Source: Necole Bitchie

- Amee

April 28th, 2009
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More rumours..

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna broken up, or aren’t they?

At issue are a flurry of text messages that reportedly were exchanged between the two after Brown was photographed in a West Hollywood tattoo parlor with Girlicious singer Natalie Meji on April 13.

“When Ri saw the pictures, she sent Chris a text message, and Chris said, ‘It’s none of your business,’ ” reported Us Weekly.

Brown’s rep denies that the two are dating, and told People magazine that the singer was at the parlor with “a woman named Dean,” but Mejia seems to think differently.

“Things are going well between us. … (Brown) has treated me like a gentleman at all times,” she told on April 13.

Brown and Rihanna have yet to confirm that they’ve parted ways. Rihanna recently announced she will give her first live performance since the alleged assault with a May 28 concert in Dubai.


April 28th, 2009

Our sources say tomorrow’s Chris Brown hearing will not end with a plea bargain, although we know both sides are deep in discussion. But it looks like Rihanna could score something big.


Rihanna’s lawyer is asking the judge to release the jewelry Rihanna was wearing when she was beaten. The jewelry was taken as evidence just after the beating and she wants it back — it was on loan from jewelers and they either want her to fork it over or pay $1.4 mil.

We’re told the cops would like to return it as well. There are reports the D.A. is objecting to returning it —
reportedly for leverage so Rihanna will cooperate. But our sources say the D.A. has not taken a position.

Rihanna’s lawyer and Brown’s lawyer want to take photos of the jewelry and use them if the jewelry ever becomes evidence in a trial. But legally, her lawyer doesn’t have authority to appear in Brown’s case — in legalese her lawyer doesn’t have “standing.” So the judge could simply refuse to hear Rihanna’s lawyer.

Will the judge release the hostage jewelry? Stay tuned! Hearing is tomorrow.

Source: TMZ


April 28th, 2009
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Progress has been made on a plea deal for Chris Brown, a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

Brown is facing two felony charges for his altercation with Rhianna. Cops say he brutally beat her in his car on Feb. 8.

Court action in the case resumes Wednesday when the parties will try to set a date for Brown’s preliminary hearing. He’s charged with assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal threats.

Brown signed a waiver and is not expected to be in court Wednesday.

Meanwhile, one source close to the situation says progress has been made on plea deal talks. Even so, that source tells, there are still issues to be worked out and a deal is “close, but not imminent.”

The source says barring a last-minute breakthrough it is unlikely a deal will be announced Wednesday but both sides have moved closer together.

It is still uncertain what is preventing a deal from being closed by the District Attorney’s office and Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos.

If no deal is reached and the case progresses to the preliminary hearing stage, the case against Brown will be presented to a judge, and that certainly won’t be pretty for the singer. One photo that surfaced of Rihanna after the incident showed her face beaten badly.

-Ashleigh & Rita

April 28th, 2009
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Just got some interesting news. Website Islandista is reportng that at a concert in Barbados this past weekend reggae susperstar Beenie Man performed for an audience which included Rihanna. claims that during Beenie’s performance, he called out Chris Brown – in front of nearly 10,000 fans. Here’s how Islandista is reporting it:

Beenie touched the stage at about 7:30 and gave a generally decent performance – certainly the crowd was with him.

Then … he start calling for Rihanna to “report back stage immediately”.

And then he start talking up a set of things about the infamous beating incident between her and Chris Brown, asking the crowd if they [thought] it was “an idiot thing that Chris did” while singing a very off-key version of the hook to ‘Umbrella’. You could hear a collective ‘ooooohhhh!’ as the crowd sucked in its breath when he said it.

For most that would be enough, but not for Beenie. He continued on his rampage:

Beenie kept calling for [Rihanna] and singing ‘Umbrella’ and lo and behold, she actually came up on the stage. Then he start singing his version of Umbrella , part of which went “I don’t have no fancy car/But [I’ll] never give you no scar”.

Trust me. I was shame for de girl. Everyone was shame because the crowd didn’t really hype up and carry on the way they had been earlier when he was just performing all his hits. I just wanted it to end.

This sounds painful … but it doesn’t end there:

But Beenie wasn’t done. He told her that Chris [will] get vexed when he sees the pictures of him (Beenie) and Rihanna hugging up on stage because he is the ‘girls dem suga’ and anything the sugar touches get sticky.

Source: MediaTakeOut & Islandista