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March 30th, 2009
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We all have been wondering when and how Chris Brown and Rihanna will publicly address their battery case. The two have been reunited that is for sure but now we are all waiting on some kind of excuse or apology or something! Well it is coming out now that we may be getting some words from one of the two troubled stars as Chris may be making a high profile appearance on one of TV’s most respected talk shows.  Although their story may be more fit more for Jerry Springer if rumors prove to be true it will be going down on none other than hip hop’s #1 hater herself, Oprah Winfrey!

Rihanna herself was rumored to be appearing on the Oprah show in February after the story and beating first broke. However she declined the offer but apparently did not keep it out of her mind completely. Word is that Rihanna is the one demanding that Chris go on Oprah and apologize to her in front on millions of people worldwide.  Sources near the situation have this to say.

“Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back. She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together.”

The source says that Rihanna feels if Chris would do this it would be a true show of sincerity in his apology and their making up.

“Agreeing to go on Oprah’s show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind.”

So far it is not yet confirmed if Chris is willing to go appear on the Oprah show but the bottom line is he has to do it somewhere and the Oprah show is just as good a forum as any.  I wonder how hard Oprah would go on him? Do you think Chris should go on TV and apologize or just keep it all in the family and handle this privately?

SOURCE: 24HourHipHop

March 30th, 2009
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The word over the weekend from Los Angeles is that star singer Rihanna is not cooperating with prosecutors in the Chris Brown case.

Sources say Rihanna “wants the whole thing” to go away and isn’t helping the district attorney prepare his case against Brown for allegedly beating her to a pulp in the early hours of February 8th, the day the of the Grammy Awards.

Apparently Rihanna is angry, they say, that pictures of her bruises were leaked to the press. She’s not happy, too, that she was quickly identified as Brown’s victim.

Rihanna’s loyalty to Brown, I predict, will backfire. For one thing, even without her testimony, prosecutors already have evidence and a statement.

But even more damaging to Rihanna, ironically, will be the image of her as a battered woman defending her alleged batterer. This isn’t 1967. In a post-Tina Turner confessional world, too much is known about this sort of thing. Rihanna is a role model for young women.

But for her to endorse — either implicitly or explicitly — what went on that night could result in her going from victim to enabler. And while victim earns the public’s sympathy, enabler doesn’t. Future commercial sponsors may not see Rihanna’s as an image they want to send to young consumers if she’s viewed as interfering with Brown’s criminal prosecution.

Right now a hearing is set for one week from today. At that time, Brown will likely be arraigned, charges will be filed. Whether Rihanna supports those charges and will help prosecutors at trial remains to be seen.

SOURCE: FOXNews / Roger Friedman

March 30th, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna were conspicuously absent at the Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend. Both were nominated for awards (though Brown withdrew his nominations) and both appeared at the show last year.

“For them not to be here is very sad. I was looking forward to seeing them here,” said Soulja Boy. “Right now, it’s a sad situation. And it’s very touchy. I’m just …. it just shocked me when it happened.”

Soulja Boy said he’s spoken with Brown over the phone and that he’s “doing OK.”

“Yeah, right now, it’s a delicate time,” he added. “You know, the court date is coming up. I hope that they both get through it in a positive way.”

SOURCE: Billboard / 411Mania

March 28th, 2009

Singer CHRIS BROWN can repair the damage caused to his career by his fight with ex-girlfriend RIHANNA, just like basketball star KOBE BRYANT bounced back after his 2003 sexual assault scandal, according to marketing mogul STEVE STOUTE.

The Kiss Kiss hitmaker is facing almost five years in jail in relation to an 8 February (09) incident which reportedly left Rihanna battered and bruised.

Brown’s career has taken a knock since the headline-grabbing altercation, with bosses at gum firm Wrigleys and America’s National Dairy Council pulling promotional campaigns featuring the star, while executives at several radio stations have removed his songs from their playlists after receiving complaints from listeners.
But entertainment marketing titan Stoute, who was instrumental in landing Brown the Wrigley’s deal, insists he can salvage his tattered career and be just as successful as Bryant.

The Los Angeles Lakers star hit the headlines in 2003 when a Colorado hotel employee accused him of sexually assaulting her. Bryant maintained his innocence and the charges were later dropped after his accuser refused to testify in court.

Bryant has since overcome the allegations and regained his star status – and Stout is adamant Brown can do the same, as long as he can win back public support.

He tells MSNBC, “We’ve seen brands move past this before, and we’ve seen celebrities move past this. We’ve seen Kobe Bryant go through what he went through, and all of a sudden he’s back in graces with Nike, he has Vitamin Water deals and he’s the MVP of the league… So it’s all public opinion. Public opinion ultimately does control how these things work out.”

Brown is due to be arraigned on 6 April (09) on felony counts of assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal threats.

SOURCE: Contact Music

March 28th, 2009
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*Us Weekly is quoting a source who claims to know the relationship status regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna.

“They’re taking a break,” the spy explains. “Jay-Z told Rihanna she needs to cut things out with Chris, at least in public.”

As Brown awaits felony charges in connection with Rihanna’s beating, the two have been spending time apart on opposite coasts. As previously reported, Brown was seen touring Norfolk State University with family members this week, while Rihanna was house hunting in Los Angeles.

According to the magazine, Brown is said to be hiding out in a house in Montpelier, Va., although he recently emerged to buy 14 baseball caps at a local Lids store.

“He said, ‘It’s not what it seems’ about the Rihanna situation,” salesperson Shavon Bradshaw told Us Weekly.

Meanwhile, Rihanna was looking to buy something substantially bigger than baseball caps. Among the houses she checked out on Monday was a $6.25 million home once owned by Jerry Seinfeld. tracked down her real estate agent, Russ Filice of Sotheby’s International Realty, who said of the singer’s demeanor during the showing, “She was in a great mood,” never mentioned Chris Brown, and “there were no scars, no bruises, no nothing. [She is] very sweet, very pretty.”

The 5,913-square-foot, three-bedroom Hollywood Hills home “has incredible views, a contemporary pool and is very private,” he adds.

“Rihanna just started her search. She looked at three homes with three assistants and a driver,” added Filice. “Her questions were centered around her lifestyle in the house; how she could entertain, how private it is.”

“She wants a home with a great view,” Filice told rival outlet E! News, adding the singer spent about 15 to 20 minutes at the Hollywood Hills property.


March 27th, 2009
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LOS ANGELES — Back in 2008, Jordin Sparks hooked up with Chris Brown for her VMA- and Grammy-nominated hit “No Air.” Since then, a lot has changed for Brown in light of the incidents that took place last February, when he allegedly assaulted on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna.

When MTV News caught up with Sparks at John Mayer’s “One Splendid Evening” benefit concert for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation on Thursday night, she addressed rumors that she’d once again be working with Brown for her forthcoming album. “It wasn’t planned [as a duet],” she said of a certain song. “I had gotten a song he had been a part of.”

She was quick to point out that the Brown-penned track may not even appear on her album. “He had written [the song], and I’m not sure if I’m going to get to it yet,” she explained. “I haven’t recorded it yet, so we’ll see.”

Back in 2008, “No Air” video director Chris Robinson told MTV News how great the two singers worked together and how impressed he was by their work ethic at such a young age.

“When I was 18 or 19, I most definitely did not have it together like these two! When you see Jordin and Chris you see two artists that will hopefully continue to push the envelope artistically,” Robinson gushed about the twosome. “We all ended up putting a piece of ourselves into this project.”


March 24th, 2009
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Despite his affinity for combat, Chris Brown won’t be a Spartan anytime soon — as in the kind who attend Norfolk State University.

After Brown was spotted on the campus grounds in his home state of Virginia this weekend, TMZ has confirmed Brown was only there as a “support factor” for his cousin, who is a prospective student.

Brown, his mother and his cousin spent their Saturday taking the First View campus tour — a guided, private trek through the entire Norfolk campus, including the dorms, the offices and the classrooms.

We’re told some people recognized Brown on the tour, but sources close to the situation tell us, “People know whats going on with him and they were not paying him much attention at all.”

We’re also told Brown has “not applied,” has “not enrolled” and is “not interested” in attending NSU at this point.

Too bad … dude has a lot to learn.


March 24th, 2009
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Chris Brown may not be the most popular guy right now, but friend Tyrese Gibson says everyone needs to take a step back and give him and Rihanna breathing room while they sort through a trying time.

“Although he appears to be really strong through all of this, it’s really taking a toll on his spirit,” Gibson said at Sunday’s 2009 Ball Up Street Ball Tour. “People like me and Puff, we’re just trying to show him love and keep his spirits up while he’s going through all of the heat, and there are a lot people doing the same for Rihanna.”

In February, Brown, 19, allegedly assaulted the Barbadian singer and his name has since appeared in countless negative articles and discussions of domestic abuse. Rihanna, too, has faced fallout, including criticism for taking Brown back. (According to one source, they have since decided to take a break.)

“It’s really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to,” said Gibson. “At the end of the day, I’m not trying to justify it because wrong is wrong, but unfortunately, us as entertainers, we have to grow up on stage with a lot of people looking at us. And a lot of people forget that he’s 19, she’s only 21.”

SOURCE: People

So over it.

March 22nd, 2009

Excuse the minor hiatus. We’ve been very busy, and CB news has finally slowed down.

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March 19th, 2009
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The leaked police photo of Rihanna’s battered face stunned and horrified the world. But now Star has learned that the pop princess worries that other shocking images could go public — wild sex tapes of her with abusive boyfriend Chris Brown!

In the March 30 issue of Star — on sale now — we report that Rihanna allowed Chris to record some of their, um, intimate moments and — she worries that the racy tapes could ruin her — especially after seeing how quickly Chris turned on her once before.

“Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality,” a source tells Star. “But she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out!”

Insiders say Rihanna is still emotionally fragile and vulnerable since the Feb. 8 assault that left her nearly unconscious.

“This whole beating incident is terribly humiliating for her. She’s already traumatized and will do anything to make it all go away as quickly as possible,” explains the insider.
SOURCE: Star Magazine

March 19th, 2009
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Chris Brown Riding around Los Angele on March 18, 2009
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