In an effort to make himself look better in the court of public opinion, Brown reportedly began taking anger management classes Monday, February 23rd, in Glendale, California. “Chris doesn’t actually have to go by law,” an insider tells New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher, “but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5,” his court date. While reports say the court date might be pushed back, Rihanna is expected to testify.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

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  1. HEATHER says:


  2. objectivity says:

    I am under the impression that if the incident was as "horrific" as Rhianna and the media claims that it was, then it would not be so hard to prove. There should be tears and scratches and blood inside that car. This is making me so mad, because in the process of this Chris Brown's image is being slaughtered and she's looking like Ms. Innocent when I am positive that she is not. If people would just take the time to REALLY!!! look at that picture, see that she hit her head on something and that the bruises could be consistent with that, that they did not have to come from blows from him.

    • cassie20 says:

      hmm you have a point

    • samantha2 says:

      yeh.i would be weird for him to hit her in the same place opposite each other on her could he be that perfect in hitting her in the same exact area??

      i am going towards that she hit her head in the car..cos he was driving a small car(lambo) so she could be easily hit if he stopped the breaks hard.. and the car was taken in for evidence too.
      i think them(teh DA) after 4 weeks still needing evidence is very fishy.and doesnt make sense if the story was only "chris bashed rihanna"..hmmmmm….
      so i guess we wont be seeing Chris on march 5..

    • Tima1 says:

      objectivity, THANK YOU, THATS WHATS UP! im not believing this bogus bullsh*t the media is putting out when the very 1st story that her camp put out & it miraculously disappeared, was that she was in a car accident. No the lambo aint bruised bc there were probably no other cars involved, just a very quick, jerking stop & WHAM, she hit her face against the dashboard.

      • samantha2 says:

        so true.they sed she was in a car accident cos they didn't want to charge Chris but then the witness called the yeh..
        as everyday goes past i think the story just becomes more i seriously think she got hit on the dashboard.that's definitely how she got the two bruises on her forehead that are weirdly on the same level opposite each other..


        and remember to keep voting for Chris MTV OZ AWARDS:

        and where are the editors of this page???they should be posting encouraging links and stories like these!

  3. chris 4 life says:

    at least he trying they cant even give him that much…

    • cassie20 says:

      he's trying, but people won't care, nothing is good enough for people sometimes. I am glad he is though.

    • samantha2 says: might work in his favor in court cos he can say he has already gotten that can work for him
      but on the media side.they just hassle him saying he definitely needs help and talk shit. on tv. entertainment reporter Richard Reid was talking about rihanna and her in Mexico.and he sed "hopefully she dsnt go back to that rat"!!
      i swear i was going to break the TV!!lol..
      they make me so angry..

    • vielmane says:

      the thing is because of all the negative the people are recieving from the media anything chris does that is positive is being seen as a show-off like he was trying to buy the people's attention back. that's how twisted these people are and it sucks big yime. i mean, he's trying and im glad he is. but they just use it as something against him like they always do. it's really a piss off. :|

  4. Ms Gigi says:

    Sounds fishy to me. I think Chris should all anger management and domestic class for himself. As for this alleged Rihanna incident they don’t have enough evidences. So drop the case and admit you all (the media etc) f**k up. Let them move on.

  5. hmmm says:

    I think that the LAPD is grasping at straws to try to find something. I think that the fact that the case might be postposed is a really good sign that they don't have anything. Hopefully, now people will start seeing this thing as maybe he's not the monster that he's been labeled to be,because if it was as bad as the media has tried to make it out to be, then what's so hard to prove about that. A person who left the car in a rage and didn't try to cover his tracks should have left plenty evidence behind-especially after attempted murder. If he choked her, shouldn't his dna be on her neck? I'm not a forensics expert, but I'm just asking.

  6. hopeful says:

    So when is Ms. Rhi-Rhi going to start saying what really happened? It's obvious that she hit her head on something, but was that mentioned when she proclaimed that Chris slapped her, punched her, bit her-no less and choked her. The comment never came up that "oh, I hit my head on something too." But that's obvious, because the evidence is right there on the forehead as precise as it can be. Everyone needs to make her libel the same way that they jumped after Chris. What's so hard to prove about somebody biting you. Don't get me wrong, there is no way that I condone abuse, but both guilty parties should suffer, not just one. And the fact that the evidence still might not be ready in a case that America saw as open and shut should make people stop and realize that there's always two sides to a story.

    • cassie20 says:

      people don't care you see…they only care that she called the police and that she was hurt, they don't care about chris' side of the story…they think he's fully at blame here. which i think is so not the case.

      • CB FOREVER says:

        They don't care because Chris is a black man and he hit a woman, " ain't it typical, what a thug" is what they think straight away, it's a no win situation for Chris, someone has to look bad in this, so they rather have the woman as the innocent victim and the male being Chris the bad guy, even if they don't have the whole story, they rather have Chris go down and hate on him before he can even give his side of the story, everyone looks at it as, well his a guy how dare he put his hands on a woman, people can't be bothered to stop and think, she could of been in the wrong too, what did she do?? they rather not doubt Rihanna as being twisted, a liar or guilty of attacking Chris first, because she's a woman, it's not as bad if she hit him in their eyes, where is the justice??

        • MissKarla says:

          I don't think this has anything to do with race. If Zac Efron or whatever his name is was accused of hitting Vanessa Hudgens, the media and public would have done the same thing with it.

          • samantha2 says:

            yeh.true.but they do use it against him.saying that more African Americans are bashing their gfs..and that they aren't educated enough..
            so they use it to get more ratings in their shows..

          • CB FOREVER says:

            I wasn't suggesting it had anything to do with race but mainly do with a man hitting a woman and the media likes to see people fall, they crave on bad press, note only scandal gets splashed on magazine covers, regardless of race, many people are liking seeing a young successful black man hit rock bottom, otherwise people wouldn't be making racist comments on blogs, when this incident with Rihanna has nothing so ever to do with race, so why is that an issue??

            I think Chris is getting hate from the black community because they feel that Chris let them down and the hardcore Riri fans feel hate to what he did with Rihanna, along with people who have strong views on domestic violence, for some people it hits home, they've been through it, so they will instantly turn against chris and then you have the fake fans, who turn their back regardless because they're not loyal and lets not forget the racist folks, who hate to see black people on top anyway and the majority of the media is white anyway, so they couldn't careless, they like to tear people down, thats their job

          • MissKarla says:

            That's true. Honestly, I haven't paid much mind to the other sights so I haven't seen the racist remarks; I don't doubt that they're there though.

            I mean, I do see how people feel Chris has let them down. IF he did beat up Rihanna, which I don't know if he did, it was a shitty thing to do. I don't know how to feel about it really. I mean, I didn't personally see him hit her.. but I don't know man.

          • Mayalia says:

            True, This don't have nothing to do with race.

        • Tima1 says:

          and who knows a woman's strength. There are woman in combat right now that have the strength of a man. CB is human & humans are made of flesh & blood. Maybe its like his aunt Christine said, he sits back & lets people walk all over him but he gets tired to.

  7. alex says:

    posted from the chris brown fan club –

    Date Posted: 02/25/2009

    We wanted to update you on the recent rumors that have been circulating the blogs/media. To clarify, Chris will not be removed from any of the Screen Gem’s marketing campaigns for the highly anticipated film Bone Deep.


  8. E-DUB98 says:

    All they’ve said is that Rihanna will testify. I’m sure she’ll testify that he did whatever he did in purely self-defense. Then everybody will see and hop on his jock again. And I’ll be satisfied with the fact that I am actually a true fan of somebody, and was able to stand by them.

  9. exactly…America is fucked up forreal..

  10. I BELIEVE THIS ISH, says:

    hris Brown will reportedly plea self-defense in his court case, claiming Rihanna attacked him. The 19-year-old singer – who has allegedly been accused of beating his ex-girlfriend earlier this month – is waiting to hear if the charges will be brought to court and is set to accuse Rihanna of starting the altercation on February 7.

    A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Chris is already building his case. He's saying she threw a phone at him, then hit him in the head and basically just lost it. He's saying she attacked him."

    Rihanna, 21, has reportedly told police Chris beat her in his car in Los Angeles, threatened to kill her and choked her until she was unconscious.

    Chris has been charged with making criminal threats and was released on $50,000 bail.

    He is also being investigated for other felonies including domestic violence and assault resulting in great bodily injury.

    Rihanna is yet to file charges against him, and is said to still be deeply traumatized by the alleged assault.

    Chris Bown To Plea Self-Defense In Court
    A source said: "She's devastated all this has become so public. She's just angry and extremely humiliated that the whole world knows how much pain she's in right now."

    "She's told her team to do what they need to do. She just wants them to handle things for her."

    Chris' initial arraignment date was set for March 5, but it may now be postponed as the investigation is ongoing.

    Los Angeles district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said: "It may not happen. We don't have the evidence yet. Los Angeles police detectives are still investigating. If detectives determine they need more time they'll set a new date for him to come into court."

    Once police finish their investigation and present the district attorney with the evidence the prosecution will decide whether to file felony charges, reject the charges on the grounds of insufficient evidence or refer it to the city attorney's office as a misdemeanor violation.

    Robison added: "He only has to come back if and when we file charges."

    • Bubblez589 says:

      jeez, i really, really, really, really hope this is true. it would look a ton better. some people would probably still blame chris if he hit her after she hit him but it would definately make him look better. maybe that news will outweigh the picture. i think the way the picture looks when you first see it is just so shocking cuz we're not used to seeing rihanna that way, but few people have probably actually looked real closely at it. many people, after that was shown, have just judged chris on the spot. but maybe this will change their minds now that the picture has sort of lost some of its intensity.

  11. MissKarla says:

    Not only will that help him with the public's opinion, but if the court decides to go ahead with the case… it'll work to his advantage.

  12. timo says:

    i know why bow neyo and all the others who are sayin ohh chris brown slap rihanna in the face sayin this
    because they want chris brown erreased chris is a thorn in the eyes of them chris got more youtube views chris got more fans chris got more money chris got more more more that them they just want him ereased we all know if somebody would say "eminem beats his wife and sings about he has to go in jail" they all would say wow what a real thug if 2pac hit a woman he would have to go in jail but if biggie hit lil kim he have not to go in jail
    in africa EVERY SECOND 1 CHILD DIE why neyo bow wow and all the others dont try to improve the conditions their i know why because they would not get money they would just investigate in something the dont care

    i always thought david banner is stupid ass **** but now i got an other opinion i think he is a really smart guy and see the world how she is he mention the right points had good arguments

    i prevent ahead banner


  13. Chicago says:

    I would like to say this…Where are you Hip Hop? Chris Brown is an American dam it! Not to say that makes it right! But it appears that you all are just not giving a F**K about this 19 year old young, young man. I mean d*m, he made a mistake. Rihanna I like her to! But don't throw his dam life away just on specs! don't know one know what happened. What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty??? In the USA!!! Are some jealous? Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, Puffy, Jay Zee I know u don't care! But somebody STAND UP 4 HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! If Jay can come on national tv and say that!!!! Support her? somebody (celeb) can do it for Chris Nationally!!! What do yall old school players hate him??? The realest I have heard so far!! Is Will & Jada Smith…Why don't we boycott Wrigley, Sony and all those other fake as radio stations out there!!! Innocent til proven Guilty… Remember or did u 4get!!!We live in America, the USA……Chris if you come out of this!!! Leave her alone!!! AND THE INDUSTRY…GET YOUR OWN…BRAND YOURSELF! And if she attacked u 1st rat on her! clear your name!!! TMZ you all are on straight BullS***

  14. yeah says:

    i'm so happy that the tables could turn any time now!!
    please let them go to court and make her be guilty !!

    kinda hoping rihannas career is going to sore after they find out she was the violent one, and SHE NEEDS the anger management classes, an SHE should get charged !
    but i bet it wont cuz chris is too nice,..and he probably doesnt want to tell the truth so that she wont go through the hell he went through.

    SORRY if i disrespect rihanna fans…i'm a fan of hers too…weird i know :(

    • Bubblez589 says:

      lol on the last sentence :)

      but anywayz, when you said; "but i bet it wont cuz chris is too nice,..and he probably doesnt want to tell the truth so that she wont go through the hell he went through. "
      chris is nice but he's not stupid. and if it's true that she was smothering him like they say, and if it's true that they were forced to be together for publicity two weeks after they'd broken up and then THIS happens, i bet chris will tell everything he knows then run the hell away from her the first chance he gets. the kind of nice you think he is really is just timidness, and no way could chris get this far in the buisiness by being timid.

      • Chicago says:

        F**k her!! she needs to go through what ever he did. I don't want to see her dam face on cover girl anymore. Man Beater…People talking about her hardcore fans!!! Yeah that because she is a big four head ass liar. Also, so many grown weak ass men may want 2 f**k her. And Chris Fan base is maybe majority little teenagers. It's a difference…But I'm a real grown as Woman..And this is BS…I support you CB no matter what! Like I said, you got paper. Brand your self… don't need them. Maybe some of these cowards will come out of the woods and protect you from the 95% white media..who took you down intentionally by producing this photo…And it got leaked out so that the public could immdtly destroy you.

    • Tima1 says:

      Chris does have some good ole VA upbringing & is a southern gentleman at heart.

  15. Chicago says:

    LAPD…what kind of depart are you guys that the photo is leaked? U all knew what you were doing. Lets destroy another black man…and a very young one to. As jay put it she's young, very young. Guess what Chris is very young to…younger than her…..Thank u David Banner you are a 4 Real Stand up guy..____Pissed off

    • samantha2 says:

      true..on "the insider" they are talking about rihanna in Mexico feb 22.and they say "THE BRAVE STAR" and have no acknowledgment of what chris might be going through..
      they just love killing a young boy like him..

      the link 4 "the insider"..

      if u go on rihanna pics are there.she doesn't look too happy though.but at least she has recovered from the bruises..

    • Tima1 says:

      ok Chicago, here's the 411:
      The LAPD's chief investigator in case, Detective Deshon Andrews, told CNN he hand-carried his findings to the district attorney Tuesday afternoon.

      Prosecutors looked at the files and then asked Andrews for "an additional investigation," DA spokeswoman Jane Robinson said.

      Andrews said that to keep photos and documents from leaking to the media, he has kept the case file closely guarded and allowed no copies of the material to be made.


  16. Chicago says:

    I am feeling you yeah…let's protest this garbage that's going on. Chris Stand up and Stand out..if she was the agressor trick on her a**. And I'm a fan of hers,,,but when it comes down to the world trying to put shame on this very young man life and reputation…I got beef with it….and he People to stand up for him. Rihanna believe if you f**k up CB career and knowing you were part of this Mad Mess 2!!! Believe me, you won't have any luck…

  17. alex says:

    i just want to post this, its from his fan club, ;
    We wanted to update you on the recent rumors that have been circulating the blogs/media. To clarify, Chris will not be removed from any of the Screen Gem's marketing campaigns for the highly anticipated film Bone Deep.


    Fan Club Team

  18. Chicago says:

    Let's start a boycott on Wrigley, Sony them fake a** radio stations let get it started. Not condoning this situation if they say it happened that way. I'm just sayin, you innocent until proven guily. Believe what I'm sayin a picture don't speak for it self BOW WOW,,,and all you others. If you really know domestic violence…Rihanna has defensive wounds on her…she doesn't appear to be a victim of domestic violence. And if she is I pray for her. But as of right now. Everything should stand for CB until the case is over..Since that photo was leaked, the case is over, done with….

  19. finding relief says:

    Thank You!!! I am so glad that people are beginning to see what I though happened when I first heard about it, that Chris was defending himself. I know people who have anger issues and trust me, they are a-holes wherever they go, and they are that way to whoever they deal with, not just their women. Before this happened, nobody anywhere ever had one bad thing to say about Chris Brown. The only thing that people could say was that he was very nice, and he was described as "the boy next door." Character says a lot about a person. If he was abusive, there would have been some signs somewhere. People should remember that when they rush to judge somebody. Look at the Ike and Tina movie,he was a butthole and everybody knew it. But Chris Brown, no way!!!

    • Bubblez589 says:

      i know exactly watch you mean. some of his good friends in the industry have just completely turned their backs on him. COME ON PEOPLE, MOST OF US HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HIM AND WE HAVE BETTER JUDGEMENT THAN YOU! if you didn't like something about chris or if you thought he had the potential to be a woman beater, than why'd you hang out with him? did you forget all the good times you had with him? the hit song he did with you that probably adds up to half the money in your bank account? all the goo times, and parties and whatnot? yeah i guess you did. losers.

    • Tima1 says:

      @finding relief, thanks for reiterating that. he wouldn't have lasted 4yrs unblemished if their were any incidents that the gossip mongol media could get (TMZ & MTO).

  20. PLEASE NOTICE! says:

    Yes, it's important for us to protect our women and we should not tolerate violence against women. But when a person seems to have good character, and he is only accused by one person of a crime that has not yet been proven, and the accuser is a girlfriend that could just be vengeful and a woman scorned, he deserves the right to be heard before he is judged. It would be different if he was a certified thug but that is something that he is not.
    Everybody PLEASE look at the picture again and notice the bruises on her forehead that prove that she hit her head on somtheing, because this could be how she got those bruises, and not at the hands of Chris. She could have been fighting him, he used his elbows to protect himself while driving, pushed her away and she hit her head. Please notice that forehead, because those are two bruises that can be proven that Chris DID NOT give her. Tell everyone that you know to look at the picture again more objectively and see if it's a woman beaten or and angry woman scorned.

  21. Essence says:

    I agree with all of this(the good things that is)…she probably hit her head against something…I think she didn't press charges because she knows that she started it and that he didn't do all of those things they say he did

  22. Chicago says:

    I say let's raise the awareness…Let's talk about it still and now be about it. …Let's rally a million plus for a fair deal. Even if it's whatever, they fight all the time. Let's not let this very, very young guy be taken to hell and burn. By jealous ones. And I agree…If he's the monster yall make him out to be…then his attitude would be F**ked everyday. And to everyone. Every body have made some mistakes….I don't want to see this young mans life fall to pieces. And haters dam the picture. Her face appear to be swollen as you all see it. But what I see is a hurt young lady with a few fight bruises and a crying face. Remember when your very upset and crying your face swells. You know that 2!

  23. Chicago says:

    Let's boycott wrigley. I have started using peppermint instead of their gum. Which I loved dearly..but if I can score it and turn heads…With my Innocent Until Proven Guilty Wrigley…your a**es are boycotted….

  24. Amiiswaqq says:

    Rihanna is a blower, i feel for her but like if she didnt want this all to become so public
    she should have let the police get involved, Soo dumb She should have just left and went somewhere else for the moment,

    I think she forgot that they were both famous and that this will affect the two of them.

    & yeah well atleast he is trying, Chris will be okay I JUST HOPE HE LEARNED HIS LESSSON.

    and sticks to his word next time NO FAMOUS GIRLS lol it barley never works

  25. i honestly dont think chris brown would beat riri. i mean he doesnt seem like the type or person who would bneat a woman upp!?! && im sure if he diid then he prolly had a reason i mean come on he wouldnt jus hit her for no reason!?! and whyy are they taking his songz away from the radiio, taking himm out of the movie he took his time out of to work on and what are they doing to rihanna!?! absolutely nothing.yeah he made a mistake but list one person who hasn't that is human!?! and i think his career isnt over he still has 1 fann mee!! i lovee youu chriis!?! && at least hes trying to change unlike other people…! i support chris brown 100% of the wayy even if he diid it i love u chris and i have u in my prayers :))

  26. cassie20 says:

    i am all for protesting

  27. cassie20 says:

    the insider sucks!!

  28. MissKarla says:

    I don't think boycotting Wrigley is going to do anything. They have the right to protect their image even if Chris Brown didn't do anything. Besides, if he's cleared of all charges I'm sure they will show his commercials again.

  29. Action !!! says:

    OK. Now what we must do is make everybody that we know think about this situation. I'm pretty sure that there won't be criminal charges, but what is sad is the public's opinion. Tell as many people as you can about the bruises on her forehead because there is no way that he gave her those, that she definitely hit her head on something, so those are two bruises that he should not be blamed for. Call the radio stations and write comments on blogs about what the lady said on the radio about being a part of the domestic violence group, and how the group came to the conclusion that the bruises looked more like Chris trying to defend himself than him beating her. Bring up the fact that if he had all of the freedom in the world to beat her in a car where nobody could see, her bruises would be a whole lot worse.

  30. becca says:

    im soo happy he isnt being droped by the people at bone deep.
    in my opinion i think rihanna isnt pressing charges because she knows chris will have to tell the truth about her starting the fight and this will get her in more trouble. i feel for both rihanna and chris..and am still kinda a rihanna fan…i just hopechris comes out of this stronger and a better person. i cant wai for him to get back on track and start doin what he does best…creating amazong music :)

  31. Action II says:

    continuation-Remind people that most people who are violent,like Ike Turner for example, are usually people who are not kind to anybody, but prior to this as far as we know of Chris was nothing but a nice guy. Make people really look at the picture objectively. Yes, there is trauma to her face, but what really caused it. If they were from a slap or a punch from Chris, wouldn't she have black eyes. Remind them that she's crying (which causes swelling) and her makeup is running. Because I really think that Rhianna felt like Chris Brown was going on that booty call when he left her in that car, and she was determined to get back at him. Her face is injured, but I think that it came from him pushing her off, and I think that he left her and the car breaking up with her and she was determined to get back at him. We know that she is injured, but the bruises aren't consistent with the beating that she says that she got.

  32. Action I says:

    I had posted a message before the previous one but I don't know what happened to it. But let's all talk about the inconsistencies on blogs and on the radios and anywhere else that we can get exposure until people start paying attention to what we believe is the truth. There's no doubt that the scars on her forehead didn't come from him. I know that we would hate to fight for Chris and find out that he is guilty but everyone is saying that the picture tells the story when honestly, it doesn't. It only says that she injured her face, but it doesn't say that a man beat the hell out of her. It also doesn't say how it happened or if she had a part in it. So until we know the truth Chris deserves a chance to be innocent until proven guilty.

  33. Chicago says:

    OK. I undrstnd Wrigley has to protect their name. And so does Chris Brown, he's has 2 protect his image as well. I say the ads should have remain until the case was over. He hasn't been charge with anything yet. So, why pull it! I just say it wz the sucker way out! And, if I were CB! I wouldn't take them back! Unless they triple the price, and give me a public apology.

  34. C_Jenae says:

    They'd b kissin my ass 4 a loooong time! lol

  35. cassie20 says:

    i cut off Wrigley, milk (lol)…MTV -_-
    and all those people/artist that dissed him
    and i don't listen to Rihanna anymore, just becuz =)
    I love Chris…<3 too bad Fuck the haterz

    • C_Jenae says:

      I can still rock "Take a Bow"…Cuz it reminds me of my ex who still stuck on stupid!.. lol…I can listen to her if she is on the radio or tv, but I won't just go out & buy her stuff…

      • cassie20 says:

        lol i kno wat u mean, my ex is stupid too

      • I tell ppl i'm listening to some creatings of Ne-yo when i'm listening to "Take A Bow"…otherwise i'm not listening to her anymore either..and to think i use to like her..wasn't a huge fan or anything…i bought her album and ish…didn't like her dating CHris but hey if he was happy i was happy for him. But i vowed if she ever hurt him i live right around the corner her..we gone have some words. Take my lil 30 minute drive to L.A. from my hometown..and go searching…well once she gets back from her vacation…smh.

  36. kathy says:

    Why are my comments continuously being moderated?

    My comments never posts.

  37. Ne-yo and Bow still got his back…Bow Wow cleared up his statement on 106 and park..he said the magazine flipped his words..he said Chris is still his best friend..Ne-yo said in his video that even though he don't know if it is true or not he will not crucify him like everyone else at the end of the day Chris is stil his boi…they got his's Jay-Z ass and Kanye who's hatin.

  38. So am I! Imma start writing letters..cuz this shyt is getting ridiculous.

    • samantha2 says:

      writing letters to who?

      • I'm writing to every damn body…radio stations…endorsements he had..anyone i can think to write too…just so they could get a taste of what the CB supporters think..because on the media really doubts that he still has fans..smh..well SURPRISE BITCHES!

        • samantha2 says:

          you know what we should do.we should send Chris a video and pics of our support to him or his management that can show him that he does have support!
          we should really do it.
          but i don't know how we can get it to him..
          how about it?
          it'll be good..

          and why don't the guys that own this site figure out ways to support him??

          • I agree we should make a video..and i don't know wassup with this sites peeps..i really don't think they're supportin too much anymore since the picture has been leaked..

          • samantha2 says:

            yeh.true.oh well.maybe we should take over this site!!AHAHHAHAHHAHA..
            but seriously since I've seen the pic it just makes me more confused not more judgmental against Chris.cos she looks weird and not like Chris could have done all that.especially the bruises on her forehead..

   are we going to let everyone know to make a video and post pics.??
            i have sum1 that i can ask to send it to Chris..I'm just waiting on a reply..
            I'm pretty sure they'll say yes..
            i think they are a bit busy..but I'll get the reply soon.
            but my only problem getting all the pics and videos together..

            well..when i get the confirmation.I'll let u know.OK.then we can start making it..
            so until then…..

          • Sounds good to me..maybe we could announce it on mean we already did since ppl read this..use ur friends…or ur address to send the pictures too..and someone makes the video. Then ur friend can send it to Chris.

  39. MHM! Exactly…I can't WAIT til the true story comes out! ooooooooohweeee!

  40. Harmony says:

    the 2 who wanna fuck rihanna lol

  41. Shan says:

    im so happy for chris and i hope his career dosent go down the drain,because i am really a big fan && will be fuckin upset if lets me a [fan] down.

  42. Shan says:

    && also radio stations shouldnt take off his music. until the case is settled they shouldnt do that. Why is everyone making such a big deal on him.hes human everyone makes mistakes. look at r-kelly he raped little girls and sh*t but they still were playing his fuckin music.and lil wayne may have killed some people [ from what i heard] but they still playing his music. so wdf people need to back off chris. makes me angry.

  43. hiafa says:

    hay why is it Chris need anger management and shes don't need anything, is she ok, hell no .she need some damn help, it was reported she said she needed Chris around her 24/7, she's always hitting him up on his cell phone around the clock, when he's talking to a fan or some woman she is alway runing up on him and acting upand it has be said she needs to know where he is every min. he is not marryed to her and she is alway giving him order, what kind of s**t is that, i read this months ago on his website. it makes me mad that Chris is getting all this fall out and she is this little angle, like hell, damn it wrong, he didn't just jump up and go to beating on her, what the hell, we all know how sweet Chris is she did something we just don't know what it was she didn't, now i know Chris may want to contol his anger a little more, i know i need to, but i think its wrong to target Chris as some kind of horrable person when he's not, damnit. And he is not thank you.

  44. Bubblez589 says:

    im thinking that the two knots on her forehead def came from hitting her head on the dashboard. im going with that until chris says personally that that was not the case. no way in hell could he hit her that evenly. i think he was driving fast cuz he was extra angry and ri ri really pissed him off so he just stopped on the side of the road or something and ri hit her head real hard. now i don't know if anybody here is with me on this but i know i would be pissed the fuck off if that happened to me. anyways, im guessing she started hitting him with all of her strength (and that girl is no weakling. idc what anybody says.) anywayz, chris might have elbowed her (probably in the lips) to get her off, and she just kept hitting. and that's probably where the scratches came in. and what im guessing is, rihanna acted very much like my little sister when we fight, and blamed it all on chris, who really had nothing to do with it. and the police (aka momma) punishes chris for what was all rihanna's fault in the first place. if you have a younger sibling, you know exactly what i mean.

  45. Bubblez589 says:

    yeah and plus, if she really loves him like she supposedly does, than she shouldn't. even if he did do all the terrible things they say he did, then she needs to forgive and forget. if you really love somebody, you never want to see something like this happen to them, no matter what they did. like i've been saying this whole time; i don't condone what he did (if he did it) at all. but i love him enough that it hurts me to see him hurt like this. and that is why i continue to support him. rihanna should do the same regardless of what happened that night. yeah she might not look as good in the public eye but i truly think that God would want her to forgive chris.

  46. Chicago says:

    OK…Real People..Are you all ready 2 write wrigley? I am….I will start my letter now circulate it on the net. And post it here so that you all can view…..I will start tomorw. Like it wz said. A picture saids it all. And a shit load of letters do to…..What? I'm pissed. Got her ass on the beach while he's hiding. She needs to stop being so dam comfortable, because he has fans 2………

  47. CHICAGO says:


  48. K.ann says:

    Its good to see alot of the hype that surrounded this situation for about 2 weeks has finally died down.

    And alot of people arn't really caring too much. But never the less the media is always on the look out.

    The past couple of weeks would been hectic and a big stress on the both of them.

    I hope Chris' court day goes well

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