Yahoo Buzz Screencap

The New Celebrity Brat Pack:
1. Miley Cyrus
2. Vanessa Hudgens
3. Chris Brown

Cut for Chris Brown + Rihanna piece. I know how much you guys love reading about her/seeing her on the main page.

Songbirds and Lovebirds
R&B singers Chris Brown and Rihanna each have major followings, but their relationship catapulted their online popularity to another level. Although they’ve been photographed kissing and vacationing together, Brown continually downplayed their relationship—denials that only fueled more interest.

Source: Yahoo! Buzz

Not sure how I feel about Chris being third. Maybe it’s just me being a biased fan and thinking he always needs to be #1. Of course Miley was everywhere (duh, underage sexuality sells) but WTF @ Vanessa Hudgens? She’s definitely over with after 2008. Her nudie pic scandal was the only thing she’ll ever have besides Zac Efron, and hopefully he’ll wise up and leave her before his career dies too. LOL! Okay, I’m shutting up NOW!

3 Responses to “Yahoo! Buzz 2008 Year in Review”

  1. Dez says:

    I agree with you about Chris being behind Vanessa Hudgens. Miley is Disney so that doesn't surprise me. Top 3 is cool.

  2. Tima1 says:

    but i think they talking abt overall hollywood stuff more focusing on the negative bc thats what makes hollywood headlines. so thats why Chris aint #1. all he did was hide his affair wit Rihanna (no almost nude photos on covers of magazines like miley & nude photos on the internet like Vanessa)

  3. Sharrod says:


    and i agree with u D! Chris should be #1 in everything! he's just THAT good.

    miley might be 1 and vanessa 2, but they don't EVEN touch Chris music career wise, or anything else wise.

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