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7 Responses to “Shontelle: ‘CB Playin Backstage at Jingle Ball’”

  1. Dez says:

    Chris and Mijo are fools. They straight ignored Shontelle.

  2. lxndrialuvsyou says:

    they crazy

  3. Kedrew says:

    They didnt ignore her, people arent looking properly or probably cant hear it

    i hung out with shontelle today an we were talkin about it, an its true if ppl listen good (but its mobile so the quality sucks) but ya if ppl listen good, cb was like wut it is wut it is aswell – n then he didnt ignore her, they were puttin on the show for the cam

    shontelle told me today that she'll upload more vids soon from backstage.. cant wait!


  4. miranda says:

    chris brown is so crazy and sexy at the same time

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