Bubble popping action in this arcade puzzle game.

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My explanation as to why I posted this is behind the cut. :)


I’m gonna actually learn something from a tabloid for once. This is my official post declaring to whoever really cares (might be just me) that I’m going to post any and everything Chris Brown from now on.

I mean I get so many e-mails saying “post this” that it almost drives me insane, but I deal and I just kindly choose not to post stuff. From now on, as I should have done in the first place, I am going to post EVERYTHING (no not the “I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN MARRY ME!” e-mails) that is sent to me. I figure “why not?”

In order for Chris Brown Web to continue to set trends, not only as a Chris Brown site, but as a fan created web site that kinda pushes a few boundaries (OMG! I can’t believe I started thisss — THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!) and is ever expanding.

Well, oops. I forgot where I was going with this. Uh, well I posted this single gem because IkonCity sent me what appears to be an automated e-mail and I thought it was pretty cool of them to do so. So there you have it.

oh, and if Ms. Mary Brown, if you read this — would you please reply to my e-mail?

9 Responses to “Fun and ~GAMES~”

  1. Mary(Ladiee Brown) says:

    my name is ms.mary brown ! lol

    anywho love ya dominique, thanks for everything that you do for us cb fans ! :)

  2. CHANTEEZY says:


  3. joyyy says:

    HEYy love the site mann its amazing

  4. taylorrrrrrrrrr says:

    chris b <33

  5. Dime says:

    Hey luv your site luv u very much

  6. Aliyah Gallon says:

    this game sounds fun, but idk if i want 2 play it.
    (chris breeze)

  7. chanteezy says:

    its meh i played it already and its fun i made a high score i love how they play the song forever on the game it gives me allot of courage

  8. chanteezy says:

    i love this site to

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