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…and you should too!

Okay, you see the image in this post? Right above this text. Yes, that’s right. It is from nearly three weeks ago. Do you see how many fans there were? Yeah, only two. Pitiful, I know. Well, as of 12.27.08 01:38PM, there are 274 fans. So, yeah — almost 300 fans within three weeks. I must say that we are flattered, and we thank you!

Anyway, I just wanted to send out a ~mass message~ (aka post) about the Chris Brown Web on Facebook. Now, before you go all “OMG! Why doesn’t Chris Brown Web have a MySpace?” and stuff like that listen to my explanation: MySpace is a bootleg Facebook! Yeah, I’m in love with Facebook. And what? Don’t you know that MySpace copies Facebook?! LOL!

Okay, anyway. Make sure you JOIN FACEBOOK (if you are not already registered that is) and become a fan of Chris Brown Web!

“Why become a fan?” Well, because we said so damn it. Just kidding. But, do become a fan. :)

And after you become a fan — ADD ME AS YOUR FRIEND.

Okay, I’m done being crazy. Back to your regularly scheduled Chris Brown addiction…

6 Responses to “Chris Brown Web Loves Facebook!”

  1. miranda says:

    ima get a faebook so i can join

  2. tima1 says:

    lol, ok D, ive been a Facebook member since '06 but WTH, I DONT GET IT! ive tried to understand whats goin on but its over my head i guess, lol. ima tryin get back on & add you but they asked Chris in an recent interview: MYSPACE of FACEBOOK and even he said MYSPACE without hesitation, lol. i guess we both rode that short yellow bus huh? SMH IN SHAME, LOLzzzz

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  4. Lilin says:

    prayer go out to you Chris brown

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