I like them. Makes me feel like I need another one..

13 Responses to “Chris Brown & Rihanna’s New Matching Tattoo”

  1. cbfan93 says:

    I luv it on cb but not on rihanna. XOXO

  2. Darlings317 says:

    dang! another tattoo, dey aint that addicted to each other… are dey??

  3. becca says:

    i love both there tattoos !
    there acctually quite different ! :)

  4. Jaz says:

    The tatts are similar but on the same spot of the right hand. Rihanna as a Covergirl and face of Gucci really should slow up on the tatts.

  5. t-bug says:

    the tattoo look cool on chris but it just looks a little to rough for a girl like rihanna, i dont think it looks right on her.

  6. DiamondGrl says:

    i agree that tattoo looks good on chris brown but not that good on rihanna first it was the stars which chris said they got at different times then it was the matching braclet and now it’s this they probably went together to get this one what’s next

  7. Jai says:

    I hope that crap isn’t permanent. SMH

  8. Sharrod says:

    chris brown tat looks cool. Jaz u make a great point on rihanna being the face of covergirl and everything. she DOES need to slow up on these tats.

  9. --shelliiee-- a.k.a ~!Mrs.Brown!~ says:

    yaal are mean why do you care if he gets a matching tatoo i mean coe on now it’s their body. so what if they have matching tatoo’s and yeah riri should slow down on the tat’s a little bit but i mean it’s her bdy and ehr decision. i support you guys no matter what. whenever i am old enough to get tat’s i might and was thinking about getting one like chris. and yeahh i love tat’s on chriis!?!? don’t really pay attention to riri’s that much. but yeah why do you guys care i mean it’s they body let them makr the decision.

  10. CBFanatic says:

    I love their tattoos they are so cute.
    whatever they are. lol

  11. tiff says:

    well I don’t like the tattoos its an ugly design
    butt I guess
    I think there a cute couple rihanna just needs
    her long hair back
    wtf she doesn’t even have that much tattos
    I dont know what you guys are smoking

    • stella says:

      well its really and ugly design if u paid any attention to it and it really does look good on chris and rihanna really needs to stop wit the tats cuz she the face of covergirl and most covergirls dont got tats thats wat everyone is tring to say but they were a cut couple and rihanna needs her long hair ur rite about that bu they shoudnt get back together cuz thats too much :)

  12. nasnastynas says:

    i luv there union i think they should be careful of people and make there union a reality.

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