Chris was on the French TV show Star Academy this week. Chris preformed 2 of his hit songs with contestants. Make sure you check out the videos!

“With You”

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View the entire post to see his performance of ‘Kiss Kiss’.

“Kiss Kiss”
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38 Responses to “Video: Chris Brown on Star Academy”

  1. Kathy says:

    This is the first time in awhile I’ve seen Chris Bbrown try and put his all into his singing. I love both very much, vocally.

    Way to go Chris.

  2. Trish says:

    ah its been a while since ive seen such great and fun performance. :)

  3. becca says:

    WHOOOOO !!!!!!!
    i think the old fun childish chris is bk :)
    i like that 1 more coz dont get me wrong i oloved all the songs from exclusiv but they were all quite seriouse and u can alllredy tell that ‘grffiti’ is gonna be fun coz look at name ! lol
    i love you chris and hope u come to england to promoat your album :)
    i cant wait to meet you :)
    i dont care hoe long i have to wait i know i will when ur nxy in england :)

  4. cbfan93 says:

    He did really good! Cant wait 2 c u! XOXO

  5. Elise says:

    that was hot! thats the best ive heard chris in a while! he did great! iluvyouchris!

  6. sofiya says:

    omgg that girl from with you cannot sing!!!!wat is she doing like srsly she was singing the wrong lyrics too dam….but of course chris did rlly good =]

  7. ayjennay says:

    is it just me or does he look mad young here? i think its cuhs his hair is shaved so low. idk but, i liked the kisskiss performance, i think the girl messed him up in with you his voice cracked a lil. its okay thoughh.

  8. sweetydu936 says:

    I were to the show it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooood!!
    n joanna(the gurl who sing with him) has sung quite good n the dancers nothing to say they were so beatifull n they have danced very good.
    (sorry if my english is bad lol)

  9. Angel says:

    Wooo, vocal coach please.

  10. Diego says:

    The besttt !!!! breezyyy nobody like chris

  11. I love you Forever … ♥

  12. audrey says:

    Luv U Chris!!!! always a winning performance.. not 2 b rude 2 da grl or nothin but i think the song sounds best without her, but she did her best

  13. Kayla says:

    dayummm he is soooo goood.
    i love him <3

  14. Kathy says:

    He does look young here.

    I think you have a virus on my your site, ctw- seroiusly. like I think it’s on my thing too, because it gets some random pop up operation aborted, and when there’s a virus on the site, my computer flashes red on the link or wahtever.

  15. jasmin says:

    i hope he does cum to england to promote his album! =D
    he does look kinda young on tyhis…but fit (as always!!)

  16. That was wonderful! I am a fan from South Africa. My name is Mcedisi. I am twelve. My guardian Sister Sally is posting this message for me! Lots of love Mcedisi.

  17. CBreezy says:

    the guy in the kiss kiss video was SOO funny! he tried to hard to sing like chris but it didnt work out for him :D . chris baby, you were AHMAZING <3

  18. JJ says:

    CB was good as always, can any body say when Chris will be back in LA??? I miss Chrianna….

  19. lindo maravilhoso gostoso eu te amo muito e gostaria q vc vinhese aq no brasil seu cd foi o segundo mais vendido por aq esse ano vem vem vem por favor eu ñ aguento

  20. Noelle says:

    my boo looks vervous

  21. i look just like him but i hope he comes to rochester wit luda i got back stage passes cause of my dad

  22. mayara says:

    eu sou louca pelo chris faço tudo por ele sou totalmente apaixonada por ele e quero muito conheçê-lo e sei que um dia vou realizar meu sonho bom é só issoxauzinho,bjoO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!te amwwwwwwww chris

  23. clara says:

    lmfaoo did n e notice the random boy that jumped out of no where in the video and got kick out by secruity i bet chris brown didnt even notice it lmfao!

  24. cindie and danielle says:

    chris brown is gawgeous and looks like sum 1 we know xxxxx x xxxxx xxx

  25. Rickayla says:

    chris brown looks so hot on his album with me in it

  26. Michael says:

    Chris you’re Excelellent…..
    Thank’s ……
    Big Hug….
    I’m brasilian…..

  27. Nia says:

    Hys voice sounds really good && clear . Tha best i’ve heard it in a while . But those contestants have a long way to go !

  28. Jalynn says:

    chris brown u are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. melanie says:

    chris is sooooo goona mary me and stay with me FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. amber says:

    they just fucked the son gup thank god chrisbrown was there to help them out

  31. jenny says:

    i love chris brown.

  32. chanelle says:

    i love chris brown sooooooooooo much and i really want to see him in concert and i really want to meet him and if your reading this chris………………….. I LOVE UUUUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  33. orlando says:

    bueno fans me reconosco como en numero uno de chris brown no se como voy hacer para ir para un concierto de el pero de verdad que demaciado chris brown es lo mejor vale ojala un dia pueda venir a venezuela ok

  34. FABULOUS says:

    awwwhhh, Chris is so cute! he did a Fabulous job, of course!
    and he worked with those people so well, even though they weren’t the best, but they tried!
    And that person who wrote vocal coach on the comments can go screw themselves, because Chris’s vocals are worth millions of dollars and they’re just jealous!
    but yeah babay, chris is the best!

  35. Jamie-Lee James says:

    I love chris brown so much!! im a very proud and true fan, i love all his music his a wonderfull musician il always be supporting him every step of thr way! hope he comes to visit south africa soon there are plenty of fans dying to see him perform, il be the first there! beautiful performance chris!!! xxxx

  36. Tatjana says:

    he was realy good here and realy sexii to

    love you chria brown 4 ever


  37. mz.chris says:

    hey baby (chris) im writing you this so you know i love you n im da realist chick you will ever meet. all da rest of dese girls is fake n dont got real love for you…..remember you my boo….shannon-n-chris 4 EVER

  38. Preyanka says:

    love the way he performed! he always does a great job no doubt.

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