Over at my blog, Get WHIT It, (run by Whit & Whit) you can check out today’s fashion entry on the clothes Chris wore the other day while out shopping. Find out where to purchase by reading more here.

17 Responses to “Fashion Feature: Brown Goes Green!”

  1. cbfan93 says:

    Im so going 2 get the jacket and the shoes! XOXO

  2. ladii.chrisb says:

    HEY i jus wwent and bought them shoes!..aw look at me doin it big like my baby Chris!..lol..
    ima have to get that jacket and the hat..

  3. tatjana says:

    he looks so cute but one thing well 2 but the color dont go with him that good but still cute and that hes geting little bit husky well fat hes cheks are so cute omg but yea “chris brown stop eating kfc even if it is so damm good ”

    luv ya ur #1 fan tatjana


  4. ROSY!!! says:

    dude luvv dem shoes…

  5. becca says:

    wwoooooohhhh !
    superhuman video is out in england !
    just thought i would let you know :):):):):):)
    now i love england !
    and i like the outfit ! :)

  6. ROSY!!! says:

    yahhh i saw the video on utube….woooottt….loveed ittt!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i am not from englaand…lol

  7. Brenda says:

    Chris Brown love you all, more than the sky to earth and all that exists of this wonderful world please answer me on my email
    I am beautiful, I live in Brazil, do not forget we love you!

  8. ~!Mrs.Brown!~ says:

    anyone else can wear this outfit and it won’t look half as good as it does on chris brown. looking sexii brown!!! p.s i might go buy the shoes lol :)


  9. jasmin says:

    im gonna watch da superhuman vid now!! :)
    i wanna buy dem shoes dat chris got but u cant get dem in england can u?

  10. ez says:

    I saw rihanna wearing these b-4 chris..what a shame..lol

  11. Ryan says:

    chris brown I love your dance ! i go to concert a zenith pariis !! Baye

  12. mmemza says:

    not bad at all. lyk ur clothes nd shoes but then u should upgrade ur looks

  13. adna says:

    ele é muitoo lindoo

  14. Neickha says:

    actually those shoes cost 84.99 there in my sk8tbd CCs book..

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