RNB star denies Rihanna relationship rumours…When MTV Base spoke to Chris Brown they just couldn’t avoid the question on every teenage girl’s lips… Is Chris dating pop sensation Rihanna? Well, Chris was quick to rubbish the rumours “as a relationship standpoint I am a single guy, I am definitely single”.The young heartthrob, who’s currently promoting his album Xclusive, is getting fed up of the accusations that are being fired at him left, right and centre “I’ve been on my website and seeing how girls have been threatening me and saying I’m a liar and I’m like it’s not even that”.So there you go, no need to worry girls, Chris still could be With You… however, Chris did mention that he has a certain ‘friend’ “I have a close friend but it’s not like a relationship, I’m not trying to settle down, I’m only 18 so I’m just trying to live my life and have fun”.Soure: MTV.co.uk

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