Regarding the Wall to Wall Video Steams + Downloads

We are currently undergoing negotiations with unnamed person regarding the Wall to Wall video.If you’d like to view it tune in to BET, MTV Jams, or VH1 Soul or head on over to AOL Video and search for it.We hope to restore downloads and streams of the video as soon as this ordeal blows over.I apologize on the behalf of the other party as well as myself. I still love you guys.

Download or Watch ‘Wall to Wall’ Music Video

Click here to download Chris Brown’s new music video ‘Wall to Wall’ now available high quality iPod ready MP4.Click here to download the video now available in extremely high quality MPEG-1. *DOWNLOAD FIXED*I was just starting an open discussion forum — what do YOU personally think of Chris Brown’s new music video?Leave a comment and you never know, the message just might get relayed.

Chris Brown on BET Black Carpet

Here’s the video some of you mentioned the other day. Click here to download it, and as you’ve come to expect — it’s iPod ready!Oh, and just for kicks here’s an EXCLUSIVE look at the new EXCLUSIVE era. Not sure where this picture was taken from, but let’s just say not many even had access to this little small one I’ve granted you the pleasure of viewing.

Just Because

..I couldn’t find anything else to post and I felt like updating today. Here’s a rundown of a few magazines that Chris is currently featured in (thanks to Kaneesha for this info): July 2007 issue of Vibe and Black Beat, and of course the latest Word Up (he lives there — every black entertainer that is remotely hot does).Nothing to do? Bored to death? Go make a Chris Brown Meez, e-mail it to me and I’ll feature the best on here on the site. Yeah. It’s something to do.Oh yeah, and the header has been revamped. Yuhp. (If you’re unable to see it, refresh — duh).

Chris Breezy Goes “Wall to Wall” on BET

Yes, he’s back. The young gun from VA is roaring back onto the music scene with his latest video “Wall To Wall” from the upcoming CD Exclusive. Check out the video on BET on Monday, June 25th every hour on the hour from 11 a.m. ET/PT! You can bet that Chris Brown is bringing that heat once again, so make sure you’re in front of a TV with BET on to catch the latest from the teenage hottie well before his CD comes out. And keep it locked on BET and on for the latest updates on Chris’ upcoming CD!SOURCE: BETI know y’all can’t wait ’til Monday!!Chris Brown is doing it big! BET has also previously done this type of airing with videos from major artists, such as Beyonce and Usher and R. Kelly. They obviously feel that this video is worthy of this special airing because Chris has become so popular and this video is so greatly anticipated.(I am guessing that they decided to premiere it this way instead of on Access Granted.)Click here to download the iPod ready HIGH QUALITY TRL preview of ‘Wall 2 Wall’.