WIN TICKETS to see the prescreening of Stomp the Yard in Sacramento!

I was surfing the web and I found this!Go to and fill out the survey on the left side to enter to win tickets to see the screening of Stomp the Yard in Sacramento in Jan 2007. I believe it is only for people in that area, unless you would be able to provide transportation for yourself.*Disregard the step battle contest on the right side, that’s old.* Good luck!

What’s Goin Down This Summer?

Today Bow Wow visited 106 and Park, and he was talking about tours and such. He said that he is doing some shows now, and that he is probably going to do a tour this summer. Then he said that him and Chris Breezy had been talking and that they might be doing something together this summer!!! I recommend staying clicked to CBWEB. We’ll keep you updated.

Don’t Fret 106

Do not worry. I have not forgotten about the 106 videos and whatnot. I can not rip it because the cable signal where I live isn’t very strong (we’re currently riding out a blizzard here in Colorado), and the video quality would be horrible.Bare with me, and try to warm me up. LOL!

Chris Brown Encounter

Thanks to this website, I always know when Chris Brown is going to be in my hometown, NYC! So now, whenever I walk down the street and hear screaming, I automatically think…CHRIS!!! Usually its wishful thinking, but today, my instincts were correct. As we all know, Chris Brown was on TRL with Bow Wow today performing Shortie Like Mine. Outside of MTV studios everyone crowds around hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity through the big window of the studio. There is also a window on the side that leads backstage that you can also see the stars.


Did he or did he not say Chris Brown Web?I can’t really tell. I’ve listened intently, and even cleaned up the audio, slowed it down, and everything – and still cannot tell. Chris Brown World, or Chris Brown Web? To each his own.I honestly don’t know myself. If you listen it sounds like web once, but then if you listen again it sounds like world. He just had to cover his mouth when he said it. Hmm.I’m just gonna go die in a corner since no one knows for real, but for the record we at CBWEB believe he said world. I asked members of my household and they agree. :bored:I’ll upload the pictures from TRL, for the videos go to To download the TRL videos go to I’ll upload the 106 & Park videos tomorrow.This whole bit of controversy has taken over and I feel sick. See you guys around. :talktothehand:

EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes Of 106 & Park

Hey everyone this is Kathryn coming to ya’ll with EXCLUSIVE information about yesterday’s taping of 106 & Park. As I sat in the audience on the stairs. I wore a white sweater and had my hair down curly. I patient waited for Chris to come out. As Bow Wow came out, he talked about taking over the countdown with his friend the wonderful Chris Brown. They finally brought him out the girls went crazy while we chanted “Chris Brown” and ” Bow Wow”. Chris walked out wearing orange hoodie, with charlie brown in yellow rhinestone’s across the front spelling “Charlie Brown” Charlie brown’s head on the right side of his hoodie with light jeans and Timberlands on with Charlie Brown’s head on the top on the boot (refer to pictures).